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Hohokus School of Trade and Technical Sciences

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Available Programs

  • Electrician Apprenticeship
    Building Systems, Construction, and Manufacturing

    Electricians install and maintain electrical wiring systems, supplying light, power, air-conditioning and refrigeration for private and commercial buildings.

    As homes and businesses becoming increasingly wired to meet the growing technological needs, electricians will be in greater demand to update and maintain older electrical systems and equipment. The emerging alternative energy industry will also provide increased career opportunities in the field.

    Prepare for a career as an electrician through technical and practical instruction on residential, commercial, and industrial electrical systems, including proper grounding, GFCIs, and maintenance and testing of wiring.

    While we strive to provide students with the best tools to prepare for their careers, we cannot and do not guarantee employment.

  • Welding Technology
    Building Systems, Construction, and Manufacturing

    Welding is more than just joining two pieces of metal together. It’s considered an art by those in the field and is an important part of any major construction project.

    You’ll train in many phases of combination welding with code certification requirements, including stick, TIG, MIG, metal theory, blueprint reading, oxy-fuel and plasma-arc cutting.

    “Over the next 10 years, 200,000 to 225,000 welders are going to be needed. This is an industry that is not going to go away,” says John Mendoza, president of the 68,000-member American Welding Society.

    Frequently asked questions about welding

    What is welding?

    Welding is important because it is one of the most essential journeyman trades in the world. Without welding, there would be no vehicles on the road and many buildings, gates and fences would cease to exist.

    What type of places or positions do welding students work in after graduation?

    Welders can work anywhere in the world. Countless industries rely on welders for example:

    1. Medical devices
    2. Bridges
    3. Oil rigs
    4. Race cars
    5. Computers
    6. Buildings
    7. Ships
    8. Cell phones

    What certifications and affiliations are offered through the welding program?

    Graduates are eligible for AWS (American Welding Society) Structural Standards (D1.1.) American Welding Society (Plate).

    What kind of person would make a good welder?

    Someone that is good with their hands, is patient, has good hand-eye coordination, and is self-motivated would make a good welder.

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