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Since 1926, Stautzenberger College has been helping those with the career training they need to get the job they want. By developing hyper-relevant curriculum in growing career fields and providing hands-on training, we give our students a great step up in reaching their career goals.

Whether you are just starting your college education or have been in the workforce and want to make a change, Stautzenberger College could be the perfect fit for you. From the time you begin the enrollment process until you graduate, you’ll see the staff and instructors go the extra mile to help you succeed in your education goals and reach your career objectives.

Flexible class schedules fit your needs.

We understand that classes offered during “traditional school hours” may not fit your busy lifestyle. We offer flexible schedules and online courses to allow you to fit your class schedule around work and family responsibilities. You can choose to take classes during the day or evening, and some classes are offered online.

Incremental outcomes make education work.

We design our programs to allow students a progression for gradual, incremental outcomes. With the diversity of students that we enjoy, we believe it is important to offer short-term diploma programs that can lead into degree programs, giving students the credentials necessary for employment while continuing their education and working toward their career goals.

We have resources to help you invest in a better future.

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to further their education. If you are ready to get the training you need to follow your passion, but are unsure how to pay for it, our dedicated staff will help you find the resources you need for this investment. Financial aid is available for those who qualify. We can help you find options from several available resources, including grants, loans and scholarships. Learn more.

Our Career Services team works hard for our students and graduates

We encourage you to talk to Career Services as early in your Stautzenberger College experience as possible. Our career services staff can provide counseling that leads individuals to effective career management. We try to partner with every student to develop clear, effective, winning job search strategies. Learn more.

Gain a competitive edge.

Today’s job market is ultra-competitive. Employers look for people who can contribute right away. As a leader in the local career-training field, we continuously evaluate the local job market, curriculum and education delivery options for our students. An education from Stautzenberger College can give you a competitive edge and our high-demand programs could prepare you to start working quickly.

At Stautzenberger College, it’s all about you.

Our students are never just names or numbers; the staff and faculty provide opportunities for you to explore your future, not just classroom material. The personal attention, small class size, passionate faculty and practical experience make Stautzenberger College the right choice for those looking to get ahead in a career.

The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets or exceeds an acceptable level of quality.

State Registration Numbers:

Brecksville: OH REG# 05-03-1754T

Maumee: OH REG# 99-10-1523T

Available Programs

  • Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
    Building Systems, Construction, and Manufacturing

    Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, often abbreviated as HVAC/R, is a skilled trade, in high demand and a wonderful career choice for those who enjoy working with their hands. A qualified HVAC/R technician or HVAC/R mechanic has duties which include:

    • Installing heating and cooling systems.
    • Maintaining and repairing heating and cooling systems.
    • Providing excellent customer service for commercial and residential clientele.
    • Studying blueprints and assembling HVAC/R equipment
    • Measuring and reporting on HVAC/R performance.
    • Evolving skill sets to the latest technology and understanding water-based heating systems, solar technology or other sub-domains of HVAC/R systems.

    To enter the HVAC/R field, it is important to have the proper training and understand safety protocols. One of the best ways to gain this knowledge is through an HVAC/R dedicated diploma program. Our program can be completed in just 10 months and will prepare you to:

    • Problem-solve and troubleshoot HVAC/R equipment and systems.
    • Complete required safety courses, necessary within the skilled trade for employment.
    • Be introduced to various systems and brands common to the industry.
    • Learn common terminology and procedures related to the HVAC/R field.

    Available at this location

    Maumee, OH

    1796 Indian Wood Circle
    Maumee, OH 43537

  • Construction Administration
    Building Systems, Construction, and Manufacturing

    Work with your hands, work outdoors and launch your career in Construction Management. Generally speaking, construction management is a professional service that oversees the end-to-end aspects of a construction project. Construction management may include:

    • Oversight of a project’s schedule.
    • Interpreting blueprints.
    • Budget and quality management of construction site’s development.
    • Maintaining a safe work environment and ensuring the safety of your team.
    • Our Construction Management Associate Degree is designed for people who already have 54 credit hours in a construction-related concentration.

    Prior to getting into construction management, professionals typically have some experience in a given area of construction, manufacturing or a given trade. Our online program is designed for people who already have 54 credit hours in a skilled trade concentration and in as little as 7 months you will learn:

    • Advanced techniques for project planning and contract management.
    • In-depth analysis of quality control and project supervision.
    • Dedicated study of crew leadership and safety management.
    • General education course work to meet the requirements of an associate degree.

  • Dental Assisting
    Medicine and Health Care

    Who doesn’t love a great smile? Dental Assistants are a sought after and strong contributing member of the overall dental team. Dental Assistants typically work in a comfortable dental office location in cities, suburbs and smaller towns. Dental assisting involves:

    • Working as part of a team to provide patient care.
    • Processing samples and performing laboratory functions.
    • Collecting billing and insurance information from patients.
    • Advising patients on proper oral hygiene.
    • Performing administrative and other such duties to support the clinic.

    A great way to launch your dental career is through a diploma program. Our diploma can be completed in just 10 months and has been carefully designed to:

    • Provide training in didactic, laboratory and clinical processes.
    • In-depth teachings of common dental procedures.
    • Instruction for dental office administration.
    • Gain knowledge of chairside assisting and infection control in an oral environment.

    Available at these locations

    Brecksville, OH

    8001 Katherine Blvd.
    Brecksville, OH 44141

    Maumee, OH

    1796 Indian Wood Circle
    Maumee, OH 43537

  • Medical Assistant
    Medicine and Health Care

    Few healthcare functions would be possible without Medical Assistants. This varied and fundamentally important career, is critical in providing services such as:

    • Working alongside physicians and nurses to provide administrative support.
    • Measuring and recording vital signs.
    • Ensuring stellar patient experiences through appointment scheduling, cleansing rooms and processing customer data.
    • In some cases, obtaining patient samples.
    • Helping patients improve healthcare outcomes and improve lives.

    Due to the complexities of healthcare and the importance of patient care, a diploma program is a great way to gain fundamental industry knowledge to launch a healthcare career. Our diploma program can be completed in just 10 months and has been carefully designed to provide:

    • Instruction in both clerical and clinical best practices and skills.
    • Development of medical communication and critical thinking.
    • Includes a 160-hour externship designed to gain hands-on experience.
    • Real-life examples of common challenges in the healthcare world.

    Available at these locations

    Brecksville, OH

    8001 Katherine Blvd.
    Brecksville, OH 44141

    Maumee, OH

    1796 Indian Wood Circle
    Maumee, OH 43537

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
    Medicine and Health Care

    If you are interested in advanced technology and diagnosing health related questions, you don’t necessarily need to be a doctor or a nurse. Instead, you could launch a career as a Sonographer. Diagnostic Medical Sonography is an advanced diagnostic medical procedure that is used to analyze the human body and involves:

    • Using ultrasound waves to create a picture of the body.
    • Using highly advanced technology and staying on top of the latest trends.
    • Evaluating the size, shape and density of tissue to diagnose medical conditions.
    • Monitor fetal growth during pregnancy.

    Stautzenberger College offers a comprehensive, hands-on program to help you develop the skills to work as a medical sonographer using ultrasound-imaging equipment to “see” inside the body non-invasively. Our program can be completed in just 19 months and will prepare you to:

    • Perform general sonography on the abdomen, superficial structures and segments of the vascular system.
    • Conduct diagnostic sonographic examination of pregnant and non-pregnant pelvis, fetal structures and fetal measurements.
    • General education course work to meet the requirements of an associate degree.

    Available at this location

    Brecksville, OH

    8001 Katherine Blvd.
    Brecksville, OH 44141

  • Surgical Technology
    Medicine and Health Care

    Looking for a fast-paced, exciting career? This is it. A Surgical Technician assists with all manner of operating room (OR) procedures and patient care. They are critical to pre-operative processes and ensure the sterilization of equipment and the room itself. Some of their duties include:

    • Organizing pre-operative equipment and ready the OR for surgery.
    • Assisting surgeons during surgical procedures.
    • Preparing and administering medications, assisting in retracting tissues and passing surgical tools as necessary.
    • Applying bandages and removing patients after an operation.
    • Participating in the sterilization of equipment.

    Surgical Technology offers a rewarding career. To enter this field, one of the best paths is through an accredited degree program. Our program can be completed in just 18 months and will prepare you through:

    • Advanced studies in anatomy, microbiology and physiology.
    • In-depth study of medical terminology and operating room procedures.
    • An externship in a healthcare setting, providing real-world experience.
    • General education course work to meet the requirements of an associate degree.

    Available at these locations

    Brecksville, OH

    8001 Katherine Blvd.
    Brecksville, OH 44141

    Maumee, OH

    1796 Indian Wood Circle
    Maumee, OH 43537

  • Veterinary Technician
    Medicine and Health Care

    Animal Science

    Helping animals in their critical hour of need is at the core of what a Veterinary Technician does. This hands-on profession involves:

    • Providing critical support services for Veterinarians and animal hospital staff.
    • Participating in lab tests and sampling and ensure equipment is ready for administering services.
    • Taking X-rays and performing physical exams prior to veterinary procedures.
    • Supervising and training personnel in the essentials of animal care.
    • Delivering exceptional customer service to pet owners.

    To gain employment as a Veterinary Technician, it is highly valuable to graduate from an accredited program and have passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE). At Stautzenberger, our program will focus on the core subjects you need to master to pass this exam, including:

    • Anesthesia
    • Emergency Medicine/Critical Care
    • Pharmacy & Pharmacology
    • Pain Management/Analgesia
    • Dentistry
    • Laboratory Procedures
    • Diagnostic Imaging
    • Animal Care & Nursing
    • Surgical Nursing

    Available at these locations

    Brecksville, OH

    8001 Katherine Blvd.
    Brecksville, OH 44141

    Maumee, OH

    1796 Indian Wood Circle
    Maumee, OH 43537

  • Central Sterile Processing
    Medicine and Health Care

    Central Sterile Processing is a critical process to any healthcare institution and a great career for those with a passion for this industry. Central Sterile Processing Technology is best described as the step-by-step practice of decontaminating medical devices, tools and instruments used in a healthcare setting.

    • Central Sterile Processing involves:
    • Learning and following guidelines set forth by the Sterile Processing Department (SPD)
    • Manual cleaning of equipment prior to surgery
    • Use of ultrasonic cleansing tools
    • Disinfecting, decontaminating and finally prepping and packing equipment for surgical us

    Stautzenberger College provides training for this critical field and sets students on a path to launch their career. Our Central Sterile Processing diploma can be completed in just 9 months and has been carefully designed to:

    • Learn the three main phases of sterile processing: decontamination, preparation and packing, and sterilization.
    • Gain knowledge of anatomy and physiology that can be leveraged for greater career growth.
    • Our program prepares you to take the CBSPD (Certification Board for Sterile Processing and Distribution) exam.
    • Our program prepares you to take the IAHCSMM (International Association of Healthcare Central Service Material Management) exam.

    Available at this location

    Maumee, OH

    1796 Indian Wood Circle
    Maumee, OH 43537

  • Animal Welfare Business Administration
    Medicine and Health Care

    Animal Welfare Business Administration is not only an opportunity-filled career choice, but also a noble profession. This field combines an in depth understanding of the fundamentals of animal care with essential training in business management and development. Animal Welfare Business Administration involves topics such as:

    • Learning in depth how animals cope with the conditions of their environment.
    • Training in animal administration, personnel supervision and team building.
    • Gauging animal welfare, identifying potential risks to animals and mitigating those risks.
    • Developing public relations and fundraising skills.
    • A deeper understanding of the essentials of animal care such as health & nutrition, animal ethics & law and pet behavior characteristics.
    • Providing customer service to pet owners through outstanding shelter management and client communications.
    • Improving the lives of the animals under your care.

    To begin an Associate of Applied Science in Animal Welfare Business Administration, you must complete an Animal Welfare Administration diploma program or have required hours in an animal welfare concentration. Once these credits are met, our Animal Welfare Business Administration program can be completed in as little as 7 months and offers expanded opportunity in this important field. In the Stautzenberger program, you will learn:

    • The fundamentals of business management as it relates to animal welfare, including team-building, end-to-end customer service, staff management and supervision.
    • Study in depth animal care techniques including animal shelter medicine, infectious disease, animal anatomy and physiology.
    • Advanced coping techniques to improve and control animal behavior and enrich animal lives.
    • Common veterinary terminology and procedure.
    • Proper facility management, public relations, fundraising and volunteer management.

  • Healthcare Sciences
    Medicine and Health Care

    Healthcare is an amazing career choice, but encompasses a complex system with many branches. As highlighted by the recent pandemic, healthcare is a dynamic part of everyone’s lives and critical to the well-being of everyone’s community.

    Healthcare Sciences involves a broad introduction to the healthcare world and covers topics such as:

    • Introducing students to core healthcare curriculum and providing an interdisciplinary approach to overview the healthcare profession.
    • Helping prospective professions hone their care-giving skill set.
    • Giving foundational knowledge of healthcare administration, informatics and other specialties in a clinical and hospital career.
    • Teaching the common language of healthcare professionals.
    • Applying these fundamental courses and lessons to better position candidates for a career in a healthcare setting.

    If you have a passion for caregiving and have a unique desire to help others, one of the best ways to start a healthcare career is through a degree program. At Stautzenberger College, our Associate of Applied Sciences in Health Sciences can be completed in just 13 months and has been carefully designed to:

    • Overview the Healthcare Systems in the US and cover best practices used by healthcare professionals and in a healthcare setting.
    • Review and practice management techniques and strategies for healthcare professionals.
    • Explore current issues and challenges of diversity in a healthcare professional setting.
    • Accurately articulate the legal and ethical standards as well as procedures and regulations appropriate to the healthcare field.

  • Veterinary Assisting & Grooming
    Medicine and Health Care

    Caring for animals is not only virtuous; it’s also an interesting and great career choice. Veterinary Assistant and Grooming typically involves:

    • Caring and nurturing for animals and tending to their daily needs.
    • Maintaining a clean and safe environment for animals.
    • Understanding the common language of Veterinary professionals.
    • Handling and restraining animals in an ethical manner.
    • Providing proper animal nutrition.

    Some people just have a knack for communicating with animals. If you are one of these people, one of the best ways to start a career in the animal services is through a diploma program. At Stautzenberger College, our Diploma in Veterinary Assistant and Grooming can be completed in just 12 months and has been carefully designed to:

    • Provide advanced lessons in professionalism, communication, and collaboration skills in a veterinary setting.
    • Identify and describe the legal and ethical standards, guidelines, and regulations pertinent to the veterinary assistant field.
    • Learn critical knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and medical terminology in small animals as it relates to a veterinary assistant profession.
    • Explain and perform appropriate administrative tasks effectively.
    • In addition to attendance in all courses, students will be required to complete out-of-class assignments. These assignments include reading, exercises and problem solving, projects, and presentations. A student can anticipate out-of-class activities that equal to about two (2) hours for every one (1) hour of lecture.

  • Healthcare Administration
    Healthcare Administration

    A Healthcare Administration Associate of Applied Science (AAS) is fascinating program of study that can open multiple doors for entry-level positions in the Healthcare field. Healthcare Administration AAS involves:

    • General patient care through improved efficiency and quality of care.
    • Working as part of a team to establish and exceed institutional goals.
    • Managing patient data and working with insurance providers.
    • Maintaining compliance with healthcare laws and regulations.
    • Helping patients improve healthcare outcomes and improve lives.

    There are few better and faster ways to gain the necessary knowledge and get a leg up in healthcare than through an Associate degree program. Our degree program can be completed in just 7 months and has been carefully designed to provide:

    • Advanced study of healthcare management and best practices.
    • Examination of diversity issues facing today’s healthcare professional.
    • Coursework on digital communication strategies, including social media.
    • Oral, written communications and ethics courses.

  • Medical Office Billing and Coding
    Healthcare Administration

    If you love details and are always the dependable one in your group of friends, Medical Office Billing and Coding may be the perfect career choice. In the rapidly growing medical industry, Medical Record Specialists are needed to:

    • Process and transcribe diagnoses, treatments and patient procedures.
    • Standardize payer codes for government and commercial reimbursement.
    • Work as part of a team to meet medical reimbursement cycle goals.
    • Act as a key liaison between providers and insurers.
    • Help patients improve healthcare outcomes and improve lives.

    Medical Office Billing & Coding is highly complex and detailed work. To thrive in this environment is helpful to have the necessary background and fundamental knowledge necessary to succeed in the role. Our degree program can be completed in just 10 months and has been carefully designed to provide:

    • Real-world best practices for processing medical data.
    • Understand medical coding and the language of a healthcare office.
    • Understand medical coding and the language of a healthcare office.
    • Classes in CPT, ICD and HCPS coding and insurance claim processing.

  • Practical Nursing

    Practical Nursing is a very rewarding career and many are even considered as heroes in their communities. Practical Nurses have the power to change lives through their actions and are typically responsible for:

    • Providing basic nursing care and being responsible for patient comfort.
    • Checking blood pressure, changing bandages or other patient needs.
    • Monitoring and reporting patient vitals to doctors and other medical staff.
    • Under certain circumstances, administering medications.

    One of the most common paths to become a Licensed Practical Nurse is through a diploma program. This approach provides invaluable lessons that aid in preparing for the NCLEX exam and help you launch a career in practical nursing. Our diploma program can be completed in just 14 months and has been carefully designed to:

    • Provide necessary training to pass the NCLEX exam
    • Studies in anatomy, pharmacology and nutrition.
    • Course work in clinical skills, critical thinking, medical ethics and nursing care.
    • How to create a safe environment for patients, family and the community.

    Available at these locations

    Brecksville, OH

    8001 Katherine Blvd.
    Brecksville, OH 44141

    Maumee, OH

    1796 Indian Wood Circle
    Maumee, OH 43537

  • Accounting & Payroll Clerk
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    Accounting and Payroll Clerks make companies tick and are an essential part of almost any business. This profession is a perfect fit for detail-oriented individuals who enjoy pouring over numbers and working in a comfortable office setting. Accounting and Payroll duties involve:

    • Auditing, processing and recording inbound and outbound transactions.
    • Processing payments and ensuring P&L inputs are correct.
    • Ensuring payroll information is accurate by collecting, calculating and entering data.
    • Verifying timekeeping information for hourly employees.
    • Balancing each child’s individual needs and push children to their fullest potential.
    • Calculating taxes and deductions for products or services rendered.

    There are several paths to starting a career in accounting and payroll. However, one of the best ways to begin is through a diploma program. Our Accounting & Payroll Diploma program can be completed in as little as 7 months and offers you the opportunity to learn invaluable tools such as:

    • Practice & System Fundamentals
    • Laws & Regulations
    • Payroll Processes and Procedures
    • Payroll Accounting
    • Computerized Accounting
    • Income Tax Accounting
    • And Other Business Related Topics

  • Business Administration
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    The opportunities in business are endless for those driven to succeed in this environment. Business Administration is a course of study that broadly prepares you for a career in this exciting world. Those with a background in Business Administration can expect to be prepared for common entry-level office positions that involve:

    • Building spreadsheets and working with numbers.
    • Learning the fundamentals of computer systems and common programs.
    • Understanding the business environment, language and structure.
    • Developing presentations and creating business outlines.

    Securing employment in a business environment requires you to go above and beyond and stand out in a crowded field of job applicants. Our Business Administration program can be completed in as little as 8 months and you will learn invaluable skills such as:

    • Administration Practice Fundamentals
    • Approaches to Maximize Resources
    • Management of Time, Money and Technology
    • Oral and Written Communication Best Practices
    • Interpersonal Skills and Writing Adaptability
    • And Other Business Related Topics

  • Cannabis Administration
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    If you love working with people and want a truly unique and empowering career opportunity, Cannabis Dispensary Administration is a great choice for you. This multifaceted career involves:

    • Knowing patient and customer needs and concerns and being able to connect with the best products to fulfill their needs
    • Using CBD to help improve the health needs of dogs with issues like pain management, arthritis, anxiety, seizures and even cancer
    • Operating point-of-sale systems and managing sales processes
    • Being knowledgeable about local, state and federal laws that regulate cannabis distribution
    • Having a firm grasp on foundational knowledge to allow you to pursue additional careers in the cannabis industry

    In the program at Stautzenberger College, you will learn skills that will make you a valuable employee while standing out from other applicants. In less than a year, you will be empowered to go further in your career by:

    • Enabling you with the ability to plan, purchase and manage inventories
    • Identifying needs and impacts on future customers
    • Teaching you the cannabis laws in your state
    • Providing critical knowledge on the medical use of marijuana
    • Developing foundational business management practices and approaches

  • Human Resource Administration
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    If you are a “people person” and enjoy working with others, then Human Resource Administration, or as often referred HR Administration, may be the perfect field to advance your career. Human Resources is one of the primary divisions in corporate and business settings and typically involves duties such as:

    • Researching industry and state employment trends to locate potential talent.
    • Working as part of a team to ensure open positions are filled with qualified candidates.
    • Introducing new employees to your business and communicating specific steps in the application and employment process.
    • Some job functions may also include project management, problem-solving, presentations, reporting and assisting with employee surveys and communications.

    There are many ways to enter the Human Resource field, but like many positions, these roles are highly competitive. One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to distinguish yourself through your credentials. At Stautzenberger College, our Human Resource Administration diploma can be completed in just 10 months and has been carefully designed to:

    • Prepare you through course work to demonstrate the skills employers are looking for in this field.
    • Introduce topics such as Human Resource Management, the Staffing and Hiring Process, Change Management and Employee Benefit Design.
    • Gain knowledge of employment law as it relates to the workplace.
    • Understand diversity and its importance in the workplace.

  • Paralegal Studies
    Legal, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Services

    Behind every successful verdict and in every area of law, a paralegal more than likely played a significant role in the outcome. Paralegals are indispensable members of the legal system and fulfill a number of essential roles in this fast-paced environment, including:

    • Providing tactical support to attorneys
    • Researching legal precedent
    • Preparing legal documents for court filings
    • Organizing and Coordinating law office activities
    • In some cases, investigative work.

    Due to the highly competitive job market, one of the best ways is to become a Paralegal is through a diploma program. specific degree. Such a program can be completed in just 10 months and provides essential information to launch your career such as: Understanding fundamental computer software programs related to the legal field.

    • Law office terminology and typical procedural edict.
    • Legal research and writing techniques.
    • Civil litigation, torts, probate, criminal and family law basics.
    • Mock depositions to sharpen skills and become familiar with the courtroom environment.

  • Office Addiction Counseling and Social Advocacy
    Education and Human Services

    Addiction Counseling is all about improving the lives of those struggling with drugs and alcohol, suffering from eating disorders or other behavioral issues. Addiction Counselors or Addiction Counseling Techs are critical members of the support system for those in need and this career typically involves:

    • Overseeing individual or group therapy focused on addiction recovery and behavioral improvements.
    • Providing emotional support for individuals.
    • Helping patients navigate the various stages of addiction recovery.
    • Being a constant supporting shoulder and mentor.

    Stautzenberger College offers a pathway for those interested in becoming Addiction Counselors. Our Addiction Counseling Technician diploma can be completed in just 9 months and has been carefully designed to:

    • Learn and apply theories of addiction, substance assessment, and counseling techniques.
    • Apply ethics and boundary considerations and practice an understanding of diversity and tolerance for others.
    • Develop motivational interviewing skills.
    • Understand the neurobiology of addiction, family addiction dynamics, and special population considerations in addiction counseling.
    • Demonstrate knowledge of group process, case management, crisis intervention, trauma and recovery, and vocational rehabilitation.

  • Early Childhood Education
    Education and Human Services

    Early Childhood Education involves:

    • Teaching social and emotional development to children.
    • Being knowledgeable of age-appropriate activities.
    • Recording individual learning progress of children in your care.
    • Recognizing signs of developmental delay in children with special needs.
    • Balancing each child’s individual needs and push children to their fullest potential.
    • Impacting each child’s growth as a future student.

    A multitude of studies suggest that early childhood is one of the most important learning periods in a child’s life. During this time period, high-quality developmental education can not only significantly impact a child’s ability to learn in later life, but also set the course for one’s opportunities in the future. For these overwhelming reasons, effective education during a child’s pre-school years requires careful training and is a highly-rewarding career.

    • One of the best ways to start a career in Early Childhood Education is through a diploma program. At Stautzenberger College, our Diploma in Early Childhood Education can be completed in just 6 months and has been carefully designed to:
    • Develop the knowledge, skills and behaviors necessary to gain employment as entry-level early childhood educators.
    • Course work designed to prepare students to work with young children of all abilities and special needs in a variety of settings.


Stautzenberger College is proud to have achieved accreditation through the following:

Institutional Accreditation

Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges

Stautzenberger College is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC). ACCSC is recognized by the United States Department of Education as the designated institutional accrediting body for over 650 post-secondary, trade and technical schools that provide education to over 150,000 students in a wide variety of vocational programs each year. 2017 marks 50 years of continuous recognition for ACCSC, including earning, in 2011 & 2016, consecutive five-year recognition grants from the U.S. Department of Education. ACCSC's scope of recognition with the U.S. Department of Education includes the accreditation of postsecondary, non-degree-granting institutions and degree-granting institutions, including those granting associate, baccalaureate and master's degrees, that are predominantly organized to educate students for occupational, trade and technical careers, and including institutions that offer programs via distance education.


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