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American Fabrication Academy

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American Fabrication Academy provides students with hands-on skills required to become marketable candidates for employment in the metal fabrication and welding industry through comprehensive teaching methods provided by our experienced and AWS certified instructors.

Available Program

  • Essentials of Metal Fabrication
    Building Systems, Construction, and Manufacturing

    The Essentials of Metal Fabrication Coursework is the heart of the school. The goal is to provide students with the resources and training needed to fully comprehend metal fabrication at its core. The curriculum goes into detail listing the things you as a student will learn, to provide you with the the knowledge that you need to become a marketable metal fabricator though our school.

    The Essentials of Metal Fabrication Coursework teaches you:

    • Mig, Tig and Stick Welding
    • Machining
    • Sheet Metal Forming
    • Chassis Fabrication
    • Tube Fabrication
    • Blueprint Comprehension
    • Motor Sports Fabrication
    • Resume Writing, and Interview Preparation etc.


Learn more at the American Fabrication Academy website.

Campus Location

Campus Location