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  • Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
    Building Systems, Construction, and Manufacturing

    Graduates of the Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) diploma program are prepared to specialize in heating and air conditioning service and repair.

    HVAC students get hands-on training in:

    -Basic Electricity and Electrical Theory
    -Basic Refrigeration Theory
    -Air Conditioning Systems
    -Fuel Heating Systems
    -Air Distribution Systems

    Entry-level employment opportunities that call for the knowledge presented in this program include positions such as:

    -Preventative Maintenance Technician
    -HVAC Installer Trainee
    -HVAC Service Repair Assistant

  • Electrician
    Building Systems, Construction, and Manufacturing

    Electricians bring the electricity you need into your home and workplace. They install, maintain, repair and replace the cables, wires and connections that deliver the power used every second of every day. They help make sure electrical systems are safe and secure. When the power fails due to bad weather, transformer breakdowns or other issues, they move to quickly restore the flow of energy.

  • Computer Information Technology
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    Baker's Associate in Applied Science (AAS) program in information technology focuses on the skills needed to prepare for industry-recognized certifications with an emphasis on certifications at the professional-level. Knowledge and skills are developed to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot routers and components, advanced routing protocols, Local Area Networks (LANs), and Wide Area Networks (WANs); troubleshoot problems with various common hardware and software configurations; perform administrative tasks in a network.

  • Massage Therapy
    Cosmetology and Wellness

    Today, you'll not only find massage therapists working in day spas, hotels and resorts, but also in hospitals, convalescent homes and physical rehabilitation clinics.

    Because massage therapy has multiple purposes, it also comes in many forms. You may already be familiar with styles of massage, such as Swedish, Thai, Japanese (Shiatsu) and Hawaiian (Lomilomi). There are also styles of massage specifically designed to address the needs of pregnant women (pre-natal massage) and athletes who've suffered minor injuries (sports massage). Other common variations include deep-tissue massage, hot stone massage and reflexology, which focuses exclusively on the feet.

  • Medical Billing and Coding
    Medical Administration

    This program prepares you to become part of a medical office support staff with a particular focus on insurance claims preparation and processing. As a student in this program, you'll study basic anatomy and physiology, the body's various life-sustaining systems, and the diseases and conditions you're most likely to encounter in a physician's office. You'll also learn the universal coding system used to define thousands of medical conditions, diagnoses, surgeries, tests and other procedures. You'll practice completing diagnostic reports, insurance claims forms and other documentation used in most medical practices.

  • Medical Assistant
    Medicine and Health Care

    Medical assistants have become a valuable part of the health care team and their responsibilities continue to expand.

    The Medical Assistant diploma program is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions as medical assistants in a variety of health care settings. Students learn the structure and function of the major body systems in conjunction with medical terminology, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, computer skills, administrative processes, bookkeeping and accounting practices, and the processing of medical insurance forms and claims.

  • Pharmacy Technician
    Medicine and Health Care

    Pharmacies play a vital role in America's health care industry. They dispense the standardized medications doctors prescribe to treat patients with chronic and acute conditions. They compare and cross-reference prescriptions to help patients avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions. They instruct customers on how to properly take the medications they're prescribed. They also offer advice about the non-prescription, over-the-counter drugs they sell.

    Pharmacies are run by licensed pharmacists who've undergone many years of education and training. But pharmacy assistants often do much of the routine day-to-day work of operating a pharmacy. Also known as pharmacy technicians or pharm techs, pharmacy assistants perform many of the tasks associated with pharmacy operations. Typical responsibilities include:

    -Taking incoming prescription orders
    -Filling prescriptions
    -Instructing customers on the proper use of their prescription medications
    -Processing payments and insurance claims
    -Filling out regulatory paperwork

  • Surgical Technology
    Medicine and Health Care

    If working in an operating room interests you, training to be a surgical technologist is a great way to start. Becoming a surgical technologist provides you with the basic background and skills needed by anyone who works in an operating theater.

    Everest's Surgical Technologist program is designed to prepare you for entry-level surgical tech positions in hospitals, surgical centers and other medical facilities. In this program, you'll study surgical procedures, asepsis and patient care skills, microbiology and surgical instrumentation and equipment.

  • Dental Assistant
    Medicine and Health Care

    Dental assistants are educated to perform chairside assisting procedures, and related office and laboratory tasks under the direction and supervision of a licensed dentist.

    The variety of tasks you learn may allow you to be challenged by diverse responsibilities in the delivery of dental care.

  • Nursing

    As a registered nurse, you’ll have the chance to make patients feel at ease and improve the quality of their health. Every day brings new challenges with the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional.

    This program focuses on theories and concepts of nursing while developing professional skills, including situational leadership and management principles. As a graduate of this nursing program, you’ll be able to deliver culturally proficient care while meeting the physical and psychosocial needs of clients.


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