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Clovis Community College

Parkville, MD

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  • Criminal Justice
    Legal, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Services

    The Criminal Justice Department at CCC offers an online Certificate of Completion in Criminal Justice to students who have completed the required 30 hours in Criminal Justice. Many courses are taught by current law enforcement officers who have specific training and expertise in a specialized area of criminal justice.

  • Computer Information Systems
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    Virtually all organizations rely on computer and information technology to conduct business and operate efficiently. To prepare students for entry-level careers in this field, the Computer Information Systems program provides two Associate of Applied Science degrees with areas of concentration constructed around industry desired skills and certifications.

  • Early Childhood Education
    Education and Human Services

    If you are considering a degree in Early Childhood Education, you should enjoy children and have a strong desire to help them learn and succeed. In a school or early childhood setting, graduates of this program use effective instructional strategies to help students with lessons and assignments, motivate and encourage students to participate in learning activities, and facilitate and encourage positive student behaviors.

  • Behavioral Science
    Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Literature

    This degree is designed to provide students with a unique program of courses in brain anatomy and the nervous system and their function and their expression in human behavior as well as the study of related social interaction, communication, and perception of the self and others.

  • General Studies
    Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Literature

    The Associate of General Studies Degree provides a flexible option for students who wish to combine coursework in several areas of interest. Students can design a program of study around their interests by selecting a variety of courses in one or more areas.

  • Liberal Arts
    Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Literature

    This program is designed for students who seek not to declare a major immediately but who wish to complete an associate degree as a foundation for a future bachelors degree. Students will learn many fundamental skills and attributes essential in a competitive job market.


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