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Central Maryland School of Massage

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Central Maryland School of Massage opened its doors in 1981. We are proud to say that CMSM has produced, and continues to produce, well-trained, passionate, dedicated, and satisfied graduates that embody the spirit of trust, cooperation and integrity that CMSM prides itself on.

The mission of the Central Maryland School of Massage is to prepare each student for a career in Massage Therapy, by providing a holistic education that honors scientific and intuitive approaches to healing, creating a culture that invites exquisite care of self and others, and doing so in an atmosphere of joy, abundance, compassion, curiosity, and respect.

Available Program

  • Massage Therapy
    Cosmetology and Wellness

    We know that you want to learn more than just the basics, so we do things a little differently. Our focus is on you—the student—as a whole. At Central Maryland School of Massage you will learn valuable business, life, and communication skills which set you apart from other massage therapists—skills that prepare you to achieve success both professionally and personally.

    We offer support even after you graduate with our Alumni Program, which features job listings and other helpful tools.

    If you're making a commitment to your future, we're making a commitment to you. Education is an investment. You should get the highest return possible.


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Campus Location