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Yechanlaz Instituto Vocacional

1 Campus
5 Programs

For over 20 years, Yechanlaz Instituto Vocacional has been providing the training that our students need to pursue a career in their field of interest. We offer programs in Patient Care Technician, Phlebotomy, Madical Assistant, Cardio-Graphic Technology / EKG Technician, and Continuing Education.

Available Programs

  • Medical / Health Management and Clinical Assistant / Specialist
    Medicine and Health Care

  • Medical / Clinical Assistant
    Medicine and Health Care

  • Phlebotomy Technician / Phlebotomist
    Medicine and Health Care

  • Nursing Assistant / Aide and Patient Care Assistant / Aide

  • Electrocardiograph Technology / Technician
    Legal, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Services


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Campus Location

Campus Location