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WellSpring School of Allied Health
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At WellSpring, we understand your desire to serve others and improve overall well-being because that is our desire too. Our goal is to help you get there by providing the tools and the experiences that allow you to find the perfect path for you, and ultimately facilitate a new career that you will truly love going to each day.

Today, WellSpring is recognized as an industry leader in allied health and wellness. We’ve helped thousands of students learn more than a vocation. They’ve become true wellness professionals who are highly valued by both employers and clients. We’d love to do the same for you!

Experience Excellence

WellSpring School of Allied Health is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES), recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and approved to operate by both the Missouri Department of Higher Education and the Kansas Board of Regents. The Fitness Training Certificate Program, and the Fitness & Nutrition Coaching Degree (AOS) Program are endorsed by National Academy of Fitness Certifications (NAFC), and/or National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). The Massage Therapy Certificate Program is licensed by the Massage Board Licensing Exam (MBLEx).

Together, these accreditations and certifications assure our students of receiving the highest quality training available. They also ensure that your massage therapy, medical assisting or personal fitness training will be recognized in most states across the country.

Experience Our Total Health and Wellness Focus

Unlike all-purpose technical institutes, natural health and wellness has been the total focus of WellSpring School Of Allied Health since 1988. Our sole mission is to help you achieve your career objectives in this dynamic and growing field.

Above and beyond technical skills, all WellSpring training programs provide a solid foundation in general wellness, giving our students a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Whether it is on the massage table, in the gym, in a physician’s office, at a medical clinic, or at the dining room table, we strive to create practitioners who can help clients achieve optimal wellness, in all its dimensions.

Experience Elite Instruction

WellSpring prides itself on the depth and diversity of our curriculum, small class sizes and supportive learning environment. Our greatest strength, however, is our instructors.

All of WellSpring’s career training programs are taught by professionals who are not just leaders in their industry, but are also interesting people, with stories to tell about their own journeys in the health and wellness realm. While their paths and experiences are beneficially diversified, they all have one thing in common—a passion for making learning fun.

Experience Flexibility

We are dedicated to providing you with the flexibility, guidance and support you need to balance your career training with family, work and other responsibilities. WellSpring offers two scheduling options. Our daytime schedule allows you to complete your training in the shortest amount of time by attending classes two full days a week. Our evening/weekend schedule allows you to make lower weekly time commitments by attending classes two evenings per week and some weekends.

Experience Ongoing Career Support

WellSpring is invested in the success of our students. Our career services team works with both recent and practicing graduates to provide referrals, job leads and extensive opportunities for continuing education. We’ll help you discover the career niche that is just right for you and connect you with preferred employers in the area. While we don’t guarantee placement, we are proud of our high job placement rate.

School History

WellSpring School of Allied Health was founded in 1988 as the Massage Therapy Training Institute. Starting with just two students in Kansas City, Missouri, the school was born of the belief that nurturing touch could have a profound effect on the wellness of our society.

Over the 27 years since then, WellSpring has grown from a humble one-room classroom into one of the most diversified and best respected health and wellness schools in the country, complete with degree, certificate and continuing education programs across four different disciplines of Massage Therapy, Fitness Training, Nutrition and Wellness Coaching, and Medical Assisting. But where we have not yielded an inch is in our belief in the powers of human touch, and the importance of treating the whole person, not just their symptoms.

Available Programs

  • Massage Therapy Certificate
    Cosmetology and Wellness

    You’ll Learn…

    WellSpring’s Massage Therapy certificate program covers a wide range of therapeutic techniques, including:

    • Swedish Massage
    • Reflexology
    • Hydro Therapy
    • Sports Massage
    • Perinatal Massage
    • Massage for Older Adults
    • Intermediate Massage Techniques
    • Neuromuscular Massage
    • Integrative Massage
    • Hot Stone Massage

    Beyond technique, you’ll earn a CPR certification and learn the anatomy, pathology, practical communication and business training skills it takes to turn massage therapy into a rewarding career.

    Get Hands-On Training & Real World Experience

    Massage is a “hands on” career. At WellSpring we strongly believe that’s the way it should be taught and learned. As a WellSpring massage student you’ll receive hands-on instruction from experienced Massage Therapists within the interactive and supportive learning environment of our Kansas City and Lawrence branches. You’ll also develop your skills helping actual clients during a clinical internship at the WellSpring Student Clinic. With real-world experience before you graduate, you’ll feel confident you have the expertise to thrive as you transition from student to massage professional.

    Enrich The Lives Of Others & The World

    People are increasingly seeking guidance about how to maintain a healthier, more natural lifestyle. Our program goes beyond massage training to include basic wellness curriculum that will empower you to help others live well. As a WellSpring massage student, you receive basic training in general wellness, nutrition, and lifestyle-management skills. Students are also taught when to refer a client to a specialist in these fields. It’s all part of the integrative health care model that is the foundation of the educational experience at WellSpring School of Allied Health.

    Become A Licensed Massage Therapist

    In the State of Missouri, and most major municipalities in Kansas, massage therapists are required to first complete a recognized program like WellSpring’s, and then pass the national Massage Board Licensing Exam (MBLEx) to become licensed to practice. At 90%, WellSpring boasts a student pass rate that is well above the 74% national average! You’ll earn enough hours to certify in Kansas, Missouri, and most other states across the country.

    Embark on a Rewarding Career

    With the upsurge in demand for holistic modalities, there is a wide range of employment opportunities for massage professionals. Successful graduates of the Massage Therapy Program are prepared for careers in massage clinics, spas, resorts, salons, hospitals, wellness centers, medical offices, health clubs, private practice, and much more.

    Available at this location

    Wichita, KS

    650 N Carriage Parkway
    Wichita, KS 67208

  • Medical Assisting Certificate
    Medicine and Health Care

    Complete your Medical Assistant program in just 9 months! At Wellspring, you’ll learn how to assist physicians in the examination and treatment of patients, as well as perform routine office tasks. Hands-on learning during lab classes lets you practice your skills so you’ll be ready for your career the minute you graduate.

    Available at this location

    Springfield, MO

    229 East Commercial Street
    Springfield, MO 65803


National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork – Approved CE (continuing education credits) provider for Licensed Massage Therapists

A BBB Accredited Business since 5/24/2011

National Academy of Sports Medicine certified Personal Trainer program with CPT and CES certificate designations.

Recipient of Massage Envy's Excellence in Education award for its massage therapy program

WellSpring is institutionally accredited by the Accrediting Bureau of Health Education Schools (ABHES)

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