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  • Medical Assistant
    Medicine and Health Care

    Medical Assistants are the backbone of any healthcare business, including hospitals and doctors' offices. As a graduate from this online Medical Assistant school, you will take vital signs, assist doctors and nurses, and work with patient records. The medical field is growing and so are the job opportunities for Medical Assistants. Your medical assistant training will make you an important part of the healthcare team.

  • Patient Care Technician
    Medicine and Health Care

    As a Patient Care Technician, you will enjoy a rewarding career. You'll be a part of the day-to-day bustle of a busy hospital, doctor's office or long-term care facility. Play an important role in the lives of the patients you care for. Patient Care Technicians are in high demand, and there are many job opportunities all over the country.

  • Personal Care Assistant
    Medicine and Health Care

    As a Personal Care Assistant you will enjoy a secure and rewarding career. Play an important role in the lives of the clients you care for. As a Personal Care Assistant you will have the opportunity to work in client's homes, large care communities and small group homes. Personal Care Assistants are in high demand and there are many job opportunities all over the country.

  • Pharmacy Technician
    Medicine and Health Care

    Pursue a career as a Pharmacy Technician and play an important part in the healthcare industry. Your skills will be essential in many settings. Choose to work in a hospital, a drug store or for a mail-order pharmacy. Pharmacy Technician jobs are projected to increase for years to come and you'll have the choice to work full-time or part-time!

  • Physical Therapy Aide
    Medicine and Health Care

    Enjoy a fulfilling career and job security in a high-demand industry! Develop the skills and experience necessary to be successful as a Physical Therapy Aide. The opportunities are endless as physical therapists are in need of aides to assist with physical therapy sessions and provide quality care for patients.

  • Veterinary Assistant
    Medicine and Health Care

    Do you want to work with animals? Our online veterinary assistant school may be a great option for you. Become a Veterinary Assistant and learn how to care for all shapes and sizes of animals. This career is projected grow for years to come. You can be part of a busy veterinary clinic in your community. Enjoy a career doing what you love—helping animals and their owners.

  • Medical Billing Specialist
    Healthcare Administration

    Medical Billing Specialists enjoy one of the most secure careers available because they provide an essential function at the heart of one of the fastest growing industries in the country—healthcare! Every insurance company requires an itemized list of procedures, medicines, and other materials before they pay a claim. With doctor offices and medical facilities looking for the most accurate reimbursement for services, the demand for confident and capable Medical Billing Specialists is only increasing!

  • Medical Coding & Billing Specialist
    Healthcare Administration

    If you are looking for a secure career with a good, steady income, then there's no need to look any further than our online medical billing and coding school. This combination of our popular online Medical Billing and Medical Coding Specialist programs will prepare you for a career in a professional medical office as a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist.

  • Medical Coding Specialist
    Healthcare Administration

    Start a rewarding new career in the healthcare industry with a course from our online medical coding school! As a Medical Coding Specialist, you’ll help connect doctors, patients, hospitals and insurance companies. Without trained Medical Coders who can translate every diagnosis, procedure and supply into a handy code, the healthcare industry would come to a stand-still. And because nearly every visit to the doctor or hospital requires properly coded documentation, the demand for Medical Coding Specialists continues to grow.

  • Medical Transcriptionist
    Healthcare Administration

    According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are nearly one billion doctor visits in this country every year. After every one, the doctor makes notes about the visit that must be transcribed and formatted. That's where a Medical Transcriptionist comes in. As a Medical Transcriptionist, you'll transcribe and format those notes. And with all of those doctor visits, there is plenty of demand. With experience, Medical Transcription can be a great work-at-home career!

  • Accounting Services
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    If you are looking for a secure career with a good, steady income, then there's no need to look any further. This Online Accounting School Certification Course in Accounting Services offers you exactly what you need. Accounting careers are projected to grow in the coming years. Almost 2 million people in the U.S. work in Accounting and Bookkeeping!

  • Bookkeeping Specialist
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    As a bookkeeper, you will enjoy a good, steady income and job security. Few businesses can get along without a bookkeeper! That's why your interest in our online bookkeeping school may turn out to be great for your career. Over a million people in the U.S. have chosen to work in Bookkeeping and Accounting!

  • Home Inspector
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    You can make a great living helping home buyers make the most of their real estate purchases. Millions of homes are bought and sold every year. A thorough home inspection brings peace of mind and, sometimes, thousands of dollars in savings in hidden repair costs. As a Home Inspector, you can earn hundreds of dollars for each inspection you complete!

  • Insurance Claims Adjuster
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    When you become an Insurance Claims Adjuster, you will be the customer's link to their insurance carrier during a traumatic time. Customers rely on your knowledge and power to resolve their claim fairly and quickly. With this responsibility comes a flexible schedule and plenty of advancement opportunities.

  • Paralegal
    Legal, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Services

    You can start a fascinating and rewarding career in the legal industry. Become a Paralegal through this online paralegal school and work side-by-side with lawyers doing almost everything except actually pleading the case. Paralegals play a crucial role in preparing legal documents, researching cases and more. That's why this career is so secure!

  • CompTIA Network+
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    Play a vital role in your company's technological future with U.S. Career Institute's online CompTIA Network+ training. There's never a dull moment in the fast-paced, exciting and in-demand world of IT. Help your fellow employees work efficiently and securely through your knowledge of information technology.

  • Computer Essentials
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    Computer skills are a must in today's world. Maybe you need to learn the ins-and-outs in a clear and easy to understand language. Or maybe you have computer skills but they're out of date. Maybe you need basic online beginner computer classes or maybe you need online computer training classes to refresh your skills. Whichever stage you're in, U.S. Career Institute's online computer training classes can help you learn basic computer skills online.

  • Massage Therapist
    Cosmetology and Wellness

    Massage Therapy is one of the most flexible, rewarding careers available today. With demand for massage booming, Massage Therapists work in a variety of exciting locations. Want to work in a spa? What about in an office, at a fitness center or on a cruise ship? Because massage offers so many health benefits, many Massage Therapists have gone to work in wellness centers and hospitals. With training from our online massage therapy school, you can even work in your own home! Our program will give you the knowledge and tools to be successful no matter where you work. Prepare to sit for the National Licensing Exam (MBLEx).

  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer
    Education and Human Services

    Get your body and your career in shape at the USCI online personal trainer school! You can make a great living helping people lose weight, improve their flexibility, and feel better about themselves. When you graduate from your online personal trainer Certificate Program, you'll be eligible to take your Personal Trainer Certification Exam, administered by the National Council on Strength & Fitness (NCSF), to become a CertifiedPersonal Fitness Trainer.

  • Child Day Care Specialist
    Education and Human Services

    Do you like spending time with your kids, but also want a rewarding career? Become a Child Day Care Specialist with this online child day care certificate course and get paid for doing what you love! The need for child day care workers is rising quickly as more parents enter the workforce. Work for a day care center, preschool, or get a day care license and start a day care business in your home.


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