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Southwest Truck Driver Training

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Now with nearly 20 years in business, Southwest Truck Driver Training continues to improve and modify our curriculum and programs in order to meet current industry needs. Through things we learn in our daily operations, as well as both student and staff feedback, we continue to make improvements on a regular basis. Southwest's Road and Range Training is conducted in modern equipment using multiple transmissions, as well as empty and loaded dry van and flatbed trailers. All range training and CDL testing is done on site and in the surrounding area, making Southwest Truck Driver Training a true school-to-work truck driver training facility.


Our Student Is:

  • The most important person on the campus. Without them, there would be no need for the training center.
  • Not a cold enrollment statistic, but a flesh and blood human being with feelings and emotions like our own.
  • Not someone to be tolerated so that we can do our thing, they are our thing.
  • Not dependent on us; rather, we are dependent on them.

Southwest Truck Driver Training is licensed by the Arizona Department of Transportation Motor Vehicle Division and Nevada Department for Motor Vehicles for Class A, B, C, and Bus Training, and employ 3rd Party Testers for on-site CDL testing.

Available Program

  • Class A CDL Training
    Truck Driving, Transportation, and Mechanics

    The Class A Commercial Driver License program is designed to provide each student with a basic knowledge of the requirements for a commercial driver’s license and pursue entry-level employment in the trucking industry as a driver. Southwest Truck Driver Training’s program is structured to give you sufficient behind-the-wheel driving time for the development of the practical skills necessary to obtain a Class A CDL and begin your trucking career.

    As a student of our Class A CDL program, you’ll:

    • Learn how to use current long-haul trucking equipment
    • Develop a working understanding of basic truck driver operations and safety procedures
    • Investigate state and federal laws concerning over-the-road hauling
    • Discover trip planning strategies to ensure the successful completion of your drive
    • Gain the skills you need to take — and pass — your state’s Class A CDL exam

    Available at these locations

    North Las Vegas, NV

    4610 Vandenburg Drive
    North Las Vegas, NV 89081

    Tucson, AZ

    1230 W Glenn St
    Tucson, AZ 85705

All Campus Locations

All Campus Locations