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Tempe, AZ

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  • Medical Insurance Billing and Coding - Diploma
    Medical Administration

    The Medical Insurance Billing and Coding Program provides training for entry level positions in private physician offices, clinics and hospitals. Students are exposed to the International Classification of Disease (ICD-10), Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System (HCPCS) CMS 1500 form, Anatomy, Medical Terminology and Insurance Processing. Graduates of this program are prepared to deal with patients’ medical information, health records, medical reports and treatment outcomes.

  • Dental Assistant - Diploma
    Medicine and Health Care

    The goal of the Dental Assistant Program is to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge that will enable them to qualify for entry level positions as dental assistants. Since they are trained in clinical, radiographic and administrative procedures, their services are also sought by dental schools, dental supply manufacturers, hospital dental departments, and insurance companies. Graduates are also capable of filling entry level positions such as dental receptionist, dental insurance clerk, dental supply salesperson, and administrative assistant.

  • Medical Assistant - Diploma
    Medicine and Health Care

    The Medical Assistant Program provides the necessary training for entry-level positions as a medical assistant in a clinic, physician office or urgent care facility. Graduates will be able to use their skills and knowledge in such areas as patient interaction, basic coding and billing, office procedures, use of technology, medical legal documentation and electronic medical records. They will also be able to appropriately assess patient/client situations and intervene within their scope of practice.

  • Pharmacy Technician - Diploma
    Medicine and Health Care

    The Pharmacy Technician Program provides training for entry-level positions to effectively function in the role of a pharmacy technician in a hospital, pharmacy, pharmacy call center and other health care environments.

  • Medical Office Administration - Diploma - Online
    Medicine and Health Care

    Medical Office Administration is an excellent career path for prospective students seeking an exciting career in healthcare that focuses on patient interaction outside of the clinical arena. Medical Office Administrators are critical to the operation of hospitals, clinics and healthcare related facilities. The program is designed to give the student knowledge of office procedures, without performing them, and the opportunity to learn and certify in medical billing and coding. Medical Office Administration professionals are on the front line in medical offices and are very patient focused without the clinical skills of medical assistants. Medical insurance billing and coding are necessary in the office administrator’s skill set, but unlike the back-office focus of a dedicated medical billing and coding specialist, medical office administrators will also focus on office operations and customer service based patient care.

  • Surgical Technology
    Medicine and Health Care

    Surgical technologists, also called operating room technicians or scrub techs are an integral part of the healthcare team, working under the supervision of a surgeon assisting in surgical operations.

    • Gain the necessary knowledge and skills required to practice in the operating room environment.
    • Students study topics that include hospital organization, safety and legal issues, anatomy and physiology, aseptic technique, surgical procedures.

    Program Features:

    • Live online virtual lectures you can attend with classmates.
    • Support of a live faculty member.
    • All lectures are recorded for you to review later.
    • Traditional classroom feel with the safety and flexibility of online.

    Additionally, our program includes an externship where you will have the opportunity to experience the Surgical Technology profession firsthand, working closely with patients, doctors, administrators and other healthcare personnel.

  • Patient Care Technician - Diploma

    The Patient Care Technician Program provides training for entry level positions to effectively function in the role of a patient care technician in a clinic, hospital, urgent care facility, rehabilitation facility or other health care environment.

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