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American InterContinental University Online

6 Programs

American InterContinental University Online offers undergraduate and graduate courses with both campus and online options available. Programs offered include business, information technology, healthcare management, criminal justice, design and education. Financial aid available to those who qualify.

Available Programs

  • Associate of Arts in Business Administration
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    Develop the knowledge and skills you need to pursue entry-level opportunities in a variety of business settings or prepare for a bachelor’s degree program. Along with key business knowledge, AIU’s Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration focuses on critical thinking and communication skills that are essential for today’s business professional.

    The real-world curriculum offers the opportunity to build a solid foundation of knowledge, concentrated in liberal arts, and areas such as accounting, marketing, economics, and effective business writing and speaking skills. You can also learn about technology, including computer systems and applications used in today’s workplaces.

  • Bachelor of Accounting
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    In addition to analyzing and preparing financial documentation, accountants serve as important advisors during times of organizational growth and change. Learn the fundamentals of accounting while also developing the leadership, communication and critical thinking skills you need to succeed as an accounting professional.

    The Bachelor of Accounting is a highly focused degree program that provides students with the fundamental knowledge and skills needed to enter the accounting field. By studying fundamental and specialized topics in accounting, AIU can give you an opportunity to focus your interests on the acquisition of industry-specific knowledge and skills that can be common to many of today’s accounting professionals.

  • Bachelor of Science - Information Technology
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    IT security gaps can put even the most successful businesses at risk. A degree in information assurance and security can help you learn to spot weaknesses, create security protocols and devise new ways to protect an organization’s digital assets.

    From mission-critical business systems to e-commerce and the Internet, IT is not only an industry in its own right but also a fundamental building block of all other industries. AIU offers an industry-current BSIT program with an in-depth specialization in Information Assurance and Security designed to help students learn about the types of information technology security used in business today, as well as the practices that should be in place in any organization to ensure security.

    Students can learn to work with security software, administer security systems and identify potential security threats organizations may face in a variety of real-world situations. The program also addresses issues of physical and operations security. The Information Assurance and Security specialization program is designed for students looking to pursue career opportunities in the fields of digital security, information collection and preservation, and security-system creation.

  • Bachelor of Science - Network Administration
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    Today’s businesses are increasingly connected and reliant upon technology solutions, including wireless and enterprise networks. By combining core IT skills with an in-depth study of network administration, this specialized degree program is designed to help students prepare to analyze, build and maintain diverse computer networks across a variety of industries.

    The Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree with a specialization in Network Administration can give you a broad and comprehensive overview of the parameters, procedures and expectations for a network administrator working in the industry today. This specialized program combines technical skills and knowledge with a focus on professional skills in areas including leadership, behavioral understanding, and implementation of change and project management.

  • Associate of Science in Criminal Justice
    Legal, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Services

    Develop the knowledge and skills you need to enter the competitive field of criminal justice. Learn the fundamentals of investigation, law enforcement, laws and courts, and corrections and parole, while also addressing juvenile delinquency and the juvenile justice system.

    Today’s criminal justice professional must be knowledgeable and skilled in every component of the system to address the public’s demand for protection and services. AIU’s Associate of Science in Criminal Justice degree program is designed to help provide students with an applicable foundation of fundamental criminal justice knowledge and skills, so students can prepare to enter the profession in a variety of first-line positions.

  • Bachelor of Healthcare Management
    Medical Administration

    A bachelor of healthcare management focused in Health Services Administration Management can prepare you for administrative roles in hospitals, medical offices, insurance companies and extended care providers.

    n this specialized curriculum, students explore a comprehensive core of knowledge about the U.S. healthcare system, including its structure, operations, regulations and management, with a focus on administrative roles in healthcare services. The Bachelor of Healthcare Management provides students with an opportunity to study healthcare directly across many disciplines in order to help prepare students for a career in healthcare management.

    Successful completion of the Bachelor of Healthcare Management degree with a Specialization in Health Services Administration Management can provide students with a strong foundation of healthcare administration and practical, career focused skills.


American InterContinental University Online is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.