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Trade School Options - Fast Training for Great Careers

Looking for fast training for a great career? Look no further than trade schools. Trade schools offer much more than training for electricians and plumbers. In fact, many trade schools are also career schools, offering training for health, business, and IT careers.

There are many career paths you can pursue at a trade school, and many even offer associate and even bachelor degrees you can pursue in your chosen field. Read on to learn more about your options at trade school.

Skilled Trades

Skilled trades are traditionally associated with trade schools, but there is much more available than most people are aware of. Many skilled trades programs are not only offered as a certificate, but as an associate program, meaning you can receive a comprehensive education while pursuing your passion.

Trade schools offer electrical, welding, and HVAC training, in addition to other programs like CAD. Here are some examples of traditional programs that trades schools offer:

ForgeNow – ForgeNow teaches students everything they need to move into an electrical apprenticeship. In this program, students can expect to learn about safety, basic tools, wiring methods, construction terms, and how to perform electrical installations. Students will also earn their Apprentice Electrician License and an OSHA 10-Hour Certification.

Tulsa Welding School – At Tulsa Welding school, students will learn skills to prepare them for careers in shipbuilding, aerospace and aviation, manufacturing, construction, and more. Classes teach the fundamentals of structural welding, flux core welding and pipe welding.

The Refrigeration School – The Refrigeration School prepares HVAC/R students for entry-level positions. During this program, students learn the fundamentals of comfort systems and refrigeration.

Porter and Chester Institute — Porter and Chester Institute offer a 100% online course in CAD that can help you enter into a great career. Through this program you can learn how to create designs for architects, engineers, and more. In this program you will learn how to use software such as AutoCAD, Revit, SoftWorks, and more.

Rockford Career College – Rockford Career College’s Construction Administration program teaches you how to manage all aspects of construction projects. This includes, budgets and quality control, workplace safety, scheduling, and interpreting blueprints. Through this program you will also learn project planning, contracting, and leadership skills.


Trade schools offer many different types of health and medical career training. There are many medical careers that only require a certificate or an associate degree to get started. Many of the medical schools that trade schools offer are in high demand, too.

Careers like medical assisting, phlebotomy, pharmacy technology, dental assisting, or medical billing and coding, have short training times, some as short as 10 months! Here are a few programs examples you can pursue at real schools:

Southern Technical College – At Southern Technical College, you can train for a fulfilling career as a medical assistant in as few as 10 months. This program is designed to help students find employment in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other medical facilities after graduation. The program focuses on teaching clinical and administrative skills through classroom, lab, and clinical instruction.

Arizona College– Through Arizona College’s Phlebotomy certification program, you will learn the basics of drawing blood, which is vital in healthcare. This program is offered as a Diploma.

Miller-Motte College – Miller-Motte's Pharmacy Technician program will prepare you for a fulfilling career. As a pharmacy technician, you will assist in helping dispense medications to patients from all walks of life. Students have the opportunity to get hands-on experience in the field through clinical rotations.

Pima Medical Institute – Find training to become a Medical Biller/Coder at Pima Medical Institute. Medical Billers keep accurate patient records while Coders prepare information for insurance companies. This program is designed to teach you the basics of both of these careers, teaching you medical terminology, computer basics, billing and coding procedures, and medical law and ethics for billing/coding.

Business and IT

You don’t have to attend a 4-year institution to get a business or IT degree! There are many trade schools that offer professional certification and associate degrees in both of these fields. By pursuing either one of these, you can work in an entry-level position in a business or IT related field.

Most of these programs are associate degrees, but there are some certificate programs available. You can earn an associate in marketing, business administration, or IT support. Here are are couple of examples:

Keiser University - Keiser University’s Business Administration degree is designed to prepare students to thrive in a business environment. This program covers computer skills, software skills, management skills, business administration skills, and general business knowledge.

McCann School of Business & Technology– Enrolling in McCann School of Business & Technology’s IT Support Specialist program will give you skills that will set you up for a career in the IT field. Using your IT training and computer technology skills, you will be prepared to find a career as Computer User Support Specialist or Technical Support Specialist.


One of the fastest programs at any trade or career school is CDL training. By pursuing a CDL training program, you can learn to become a professional truck driver in as few as 160 training hours. Here are a few examples of CDL schools that you can find training at:

SAGE Truck Driving School– For over 30 years, SAGE has offered high quality, comprehensive CDL training. SAGE has 22 locations across the United States to help you learn the skills and knowledge needed to move into the trucking industry.

Hirschbach – Hirschbach’s CDL School offers paid training to its students in addition to no out-of-pocket costs while you’re in school. After you complete your training, you will be able to move into a team role as a Hirschbach driver.

These are only a few of the programs you can pursue at trade school. If you want fast training and flexible training options, trade schools are an excellent choice. Research more programs that you can pursue at a trade school here, and find schools in your area that are enrolling here.


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