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Trade School Scholarships for 2023

scholarships for trade school 2023

Scholarships are one of the best and easiest ways to get financial aid for your education. We’ve gathered some of the best scholarships of 2023 that are available to trade school students.

Construction/General Skilled Trades

AmericanTrucks Student Scholarships - There are two scholarships available for $2,000. These are awarded twice a year, meaning that there are 4 scholarships available. In order to qualify, you must be in a technical secondary or post-secondary program learning a skilled trade like HVAC, electrical or another similar field.

ABPA Harrington-Arthur Memorial $1,500 Scholarship Essay Competition - In this essay competition, students are tasked with writing an essay that details their ideas on cross connection control and backflow prevention to ensure safe drinking water. This scholarship is $1,500.

AWC Scholarships - The Association of Women Contractors offers a scholarship for women who are working towards a career in the construction industry.

Builders League of South Jersey Scholarships - Builders League of South Jersey has multiple scholarships up to $5,000. In order to qualify, students must be enrolled in an accredited post-secondary school studying real estate and the construction industry. Only students in the South Jersey area may qualify.

CAL C Grant - The CAL C Grant is for students who are pursuing an occupational or technical program in the state of California. This grant is for low and middle income students and there are no GPA requirements.

DEED Scholarships - The American Public Power Association is for students who are in a full time technical or trade school, or at a university. This scholarship aims to introduce students to the career options in the public power sector.

Davis Memorial Foundation Scholarships - The Davis Memorial Foundation gives annual scholarships for students who want to attend a trade school or university pursuing a degree that relates to construction.

Home Builders Care Scholarships - This scholarship, provided by the Home Builders Care of Fargo-Moorhead, is for students who are planning to attend a trades-related program in Minnesota.

Horch Roofing Scholarship - c provides two $1,000 scholarships to high school students or people currently enrolled in a post-secondary institution in Maine.

The Jeanette Rainin Women’s Scholarship Fund - The Jeanette Rainin Women’s Scholarship Fund is for women and people who identify as non-binary pursuing technical, vocational, associates or bachelor’s degrees.

Mike Rowe Scholarships - This scholarship selects 250 students to receive the scholarship funds. Students must make a video essay to receive the funds.

NAWIC Scholarships - Students must already be enrolled in a degree program working towards a construction-related career to qualify for one of these scholarships. The NAWIC awards multiple scholarships each year.

Two Ten Scholarships - This scholarship is for individuals and their family members who have worked in the footwear industry. This needs-based scholarship is awarded to students planning to attend a trade school, community college or university full or part time.


Albuquerque Community Foundation Scholarships - This scholarship fund awards one to two scholarships for New Mexican students studying automotive technology and related fields.

American Muscle Scholarships This program awards one $2,500 scholarship to a student who is pursuing an automotive related major twice a year.


ASHRAE Scholarships - Multiple scholarships up to $10,000 are awarded to students and prospective students who are pursuing an engineering degree or an HVAC/R technology degree.

Rees Scholarship - The Rees Scholarship has multiple awards for students in HVAC/R programs. To qualify, students must be enrolled in an accredited HVAC program.

Women in Skilled Trades Scholarship - Women who are enrolled at the Refrigeration School can qualify for a $3,000 scholarship based on financial need.

ASA Northeast Scholarship - Students who live in the Northeastern United States can qualify for a scholarship if they are enrolled in an HVAC/R or plumbing-related program.


AWS Scholarships - There are many welding scholarships from the American Welding Society for students attending many different welding-related programs.


Joe Francis Scholarship - This scholarship is awarded to prospective students and students currently enrolled in baber school or cosmetology school. The award amount varies.

Beauty Changes Lives Scholarships - Beauty Changes Lives offers multiple scholarships for haircoloring, barbering, and esthetics.

Sport Clips Scholarships - Sport Clips Haircuts awards 20 $1,000 scholarships to help cover the cost of cosmetology school expenses.


American Academy of Chefs Scholarships - The American Academy of Chefs offers scholarships ranging from $1,500 to $2,500 for apprentice, certificate, and post-secondary culinary students.

C-CAP Scholarships - Careers Through Culinary Arts Program is a scholarship for high school students who have participated in their culinary arts competitions. Scholarships vary.

American Hotels and Lodging Association Scholarships - American Hotels and Lodging Association offers various scholarships for students studying culinary arts, hospitality, tourism, and hotel management.

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