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What is a Liberal Arts Program Like?

What is a Liberal Arts Program Like?

Liberal Arts programs offer a lot of value and let students study what they love. These programs are fun and lead to many job opportunities. For this reason, many prospective students opt to enroll in diverse and exciting programs.

What are the Liberal Arts?

Many believe Liberal Arts only encompasses the Humanities, Fine Arts, and the Social Sciences. However, they would be surprised to discover that Natural Sciences, like Biology, Physics, and Math, are generally also grouped with these other subjects.

Though subjects like the Humanities and Math may seem at odds, they are rooted in learning theory as opposed to applied sciences. This is to foster students’ independent, flexible critical thinking in various subjects.

What are Liberal Arts Programs Like?

Because the Liberal Arts are so diverse, each program will be different. Many, if not most, liberal arts programs follow a “jack-of-all-trades'' approach to education. This means that students work and learn multiple subjects within their own discipline. For example, students who study literature will tackle novels and poetry using a historical perspective to gain a deeper understanding of the work’s context. Similarly, a student who studies political science may read a novel to understand politics through an artistic lens.

This diverse work is at the heart of what makes it interesting. Students can expect to cover subjects across the Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts, and Natural Sciences no matter what they decide to study. Because these programs pull from many different areas, students understand many views and see that there are many ways to approach an issue. This also gives students the chance to acquire many different skills.

What Kind of Jobs can a Liberal Arts Degree Get You?

Liberal Arts programs don’t necessarily teach “hard skills'', like the previously mentioned applied sciences. Instead, they teach “soft skills'', like critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving. These “soft skills'' are invaluable for businesses, governments, and society as a whole.

People with these skill sets are suited for many types of work. Strong communication and critical thinking skills are always in demand and offer a lot of job flexibility. Liberal Arts degrees typically lead to traditional office and white-collar jobs, like journalism, marketing, project management, teaching, etc.

Partner Schools with Liberal Arts Programs

Here's a couple of our partner schools that offer classroom or online liberal arts or general studies degree programs.

Waldorf University - They offer an AA liberal arts degree program. "Waldorf’s Associate of Arts degree in Liberal Arts combines core studies in the liberal arts with the opportunity for students to select specific areas of concentration."

Columbia Southern University - They offer an online general studies degree program. "Suitable for any occupation, Columbia Southern University's Associate of Arts in general studies provides students with a strong foundation in the humanities and sciences that can be transferred to professional environments and advanced degree programs."

Are the Liberal Arts Right for Me?

Yes, absolutely! The Liberal Arts are for everyone, and they offer a lot of value. Students who are flexible and open to new ways of thinking will enjoy these programs thoroughly.

Wondering if trade school or a 4-year liberal arts degree is right for you? Find a liberal arts program now.

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