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Education And Human Services Careers

Learn about Careers in Education and Human Services

These are some of the main paths when studying for a career in education and human services. Some of these careers only require certification for an entry level job. But most of them require an associate degree, bachelor’s degree, or further. Read on to learn a little about each career.

Child Care

Early childhood education focuses on the young student, from birth through preschool. This is an important career because at this age, minds are at the most active that they’ll ever be. Child educators work in a variety of places like child care centers, preschools, religious organizations, and with the government and other related agencies. Find a child care program.

Family & Consumer Services

Earning a degree in the family and consumer services field will prepare the student for work in many human service related fields like family counseling, child welfare, social worker, mental health or community outreach. Click to find a family services degree program now.

Human Services

A bachelor’s degree in human services prepares the student for a career in direct services to individuals, families, and communities. Students develop essential skills like community engagement and relationship building. They learn how to ethically guide their clients to the services they require. Jobs you'll find in this field include social services counselor, human services counselor, case manager, and instructor. Find a human services degree program now.

Public Administration

A master of public administration program is a professional degree and a graduate degree for the public sector. It prepares students to serve in positions like accounts director, transportation planner, facilities manager, and public works director. Positions can be found in the executive arm of local, state, and federal government, non-government organizations, and at nonprofits too.

Social Work

“A career in social work is ideal if you are passionate about helping others better their lives. Considered a ‘helping career’ and an ‘agent of change,’ social workers deal with all types and groups of people, and the huge range of issues that they face.”

Some of the top specialties in social work are school social work, child welfare, mental health, and military/veteran. Entry level social workers must have a bachelor’s degree. Clinical social workers are required to have a master’s degree plus two years of post-master experience in a supervised clinical setting. Read social work career for a lot more.

Special Education

As a special education teacher, you’ll be working with students who have emotional and physical disabilities. To qualify for an entry level position you must have earned your bachelor’s degree. Find a special educator program.


A teacher or professor can work in private or public schools. They can choose classroom settings from preschool through postsecondary, but teachers have to be certified for the grade level they teach. As the teacher, you will be responsible for planning lessons, assigning projects, grading assignments, and a lot more. Find a teaching program now, or read careers in education for a lot more information.

Public Health

The public health field includes wide-ranging careers like bio-statistician, emergency management specialist, public health nurse, and epidemiologist. Most of these careers are based on science, medicine, and statistics, so a lot of school is required. Examples of degrees in public health are the Master of Public Health and Master of Science in Public Health.

Funeral Services

A local funeral services degree will teach you the technical expertise and communication skills needed to become a licensed funeral director, embalmer, or registered direct disposer in your state.

To become a licensed funeral director, you generally must pass the written National Board Examination, complete a one-year internship under the direction of a licensed funeral director and embalmer, and pass your state board exam on rules and regulations.