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Trade Schools & Colleges in Macy, NE

Learn about trade schools, technical colleges and career schools in Macy, NE. Find a variety of accredited 6 month career training classes, diploma, and degree programs in the skilled trades, medical, technical and other areas of study. On-campus or online training is available for some programs.

Popular skilled trades include HVAC technician, truck driving and mechanics. The most applied to medical career programs include medical assistant, dental assistant, and healthcare administration. The top local and online business programs include business administration and accounting.

Find an accredited school near Macy by using the search application. All colleges available through the search are accredited and have financial aid assistance if you qualify. Most schools have some evening, night and weekend class options.

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More schools in Macy, Nebraska

Nebraska Indian Community College

1111 Hwy 75
Macy, NE

Little Priest Tribal College

610 E. College Drive
Winnebago, NE

Iowa School of Beauty

3320 Line Drive
Sioux City, IA

Morningside College

1501 Morningside Ave
Sioux City, IA

Western Iowa Tech Community College

4647 Stone Ave
Sioux City, IA

St Luke's College

2720 Stone Park Blvd
Sioux City, IA

Briar Cliff University

3303 Rebecca Street
Sioux City, IA

Nebraska State College System

1111 Main St
Wayne, NE