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What's An Online Accounting Program Like?

What's An Online Accounting Program Like

Earning an accounting degree online is a great option for people who need flexibility. There are no downsides to earning a degree online. Find out more about if earning an accounting degree online is the right choice for you.

What is an Accountant?

Accountants prepare and keep detailed financial documents for companies and individuals. They analyze risks and identify opportunities for businesses to improve financially. Accountants also file taxes and ensure that companies adhere to finance rules and laws. Learn more about what accountants do and how to become one.

Online Accounting Classes

Though programs will vary based on each school, most cover the similar topics and have similar requirements. The amount of required credits will also vary depending on program type.

This includes measuring and reporting liabilities, assets, and equity. It can also include federal and state taxes, auditing, financial management. Many programs cover special topics within accounting such as using accounting software. Major requirements typically also include business classes that cover the basics of business law, marketing, and management.

Many programs also require you to take general education and elective courses. General education credits typically include classes in English, math, and sciences. Elective courses can be taken from almost any discipline, and many schools also offer electives that relate to your major.

Advantages of Taking Online Classes

Online programs allow you to learn on your own schedule. Many do not have fixed lecture times, which means they are perfect for busy individuals. Some online programs are fully online, while others offer a hybrid format. Learn more about the advantages of online learning here.

Online Accounting Programs

Some of our partner schools that offer online accounting programs include:

College of Westchester -- Accounting for Business Associate of Applied Science

  • College of Westchester is located White Plains, NY but offers many courses, including accounting, online.

Keiser University -- Accounting Associate of Arts

  • Keiser University offers their accounting courses online. They offer a unique approach to education where students take one course at a time, which allows you to focus on learning without getting overwhelmed.

Vista College -- Bookkeeping and Payroll Specialist Associate of Applied Science

  • Vista College‚Äôs Booking and Payroll Specialist program is an accelerated 18-month program, allowing you to get into the field quickly.

National Career College -- Associates of Applies Science (AAS) BMA Degree

  • National Career College's Associates of Applies Science (AAS) BMA Degree curriculum emphasizes learning computer skills and accounting applications.

Florida National University -- Associate of Science in Accounting

  • The Florida National University online AS in Accounting program program is designed to give the student an intensive background in general accounting procedures and principles, business principles, and automated accounting procedures.

Daymar College -- Accounting Associate of Arts

  • Daymar College's accounting program focuses on business practices and procedures, management accounting, computerized accounting, financial accounting, income tax accounting and payroll accounting.

If online training for a career as an accountant sounds good to you, find an accounting program now.