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Design, Arts, And Architecture Careers

Is creativity your middle name? Check out these main careers associated with design, art, and architecture. You will find a wide variety of jobs available to artistically skilled workers, from designing multi-million dollar buildings to professionally flying a drone and photographing nature.


After studying architecture in college, depending on your program, you can become an architect, an architectural designer, an architectural drafter, and even an architectural engineer. This career path will also unlock jobs in architectural sales and project management. Side note: You’ll need to be pretty good at math and also rather bookish to excel in this field.

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Are you naturally artistic and drawn to everything aesthetically pleasing? Careers in art include jobs like visual and performing artist, fine or studio artist, theater artist, fashion designer, and many others. Careers in art can pay well, too! You may have the raw talent and a great portfolio, but don’t ever underestimate the power of networking and finetuning your skills in school.

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From production assistant to a drone operator, there are many types of jobs in the film industry that can pay a great buck while satisfying your creative fancy. The list of career opportunities in this field is nearly endless—from feature production and sales to 3D modeler and motion picture camera technician. And once you’ve polished your skills, you can share your wisdom and knowledge as a teacher in your late career.

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A career in dance is definitely passion-driven: Most dancers discover their love for the field at a very young age and turn it into a lifetime commitment. Even though the majority of dancers begin their journey as performing artists, the degree in dance won’t limit you only to the jobs on the stage. You may choose to be a choreographer, dance therapist, or even a dance educator. You can teach at a studio, public school, at the gym, or open your very own studio!

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We live in the digital era, and graphic designers are the kings of the design jungle. From marketing collateral to brand design and identity, this career is at all times in high demand. If you enjoy the idea of more “tangible” design gigs, you can become an interior designer and make this world a prettier place, one building at a time.

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Drafting Technology

A degree in technical drafting will open doors to careers like architectural drafting, civil engineering, machine design, and other engineering specialties. After graduation, you may pursue an architectural path and work on residential or commercial buildings or become a civil drafter and design things like highways and bridges.

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Is music a part of who you are? Why not make a living by dedicating yourself to music professionally? If you have a songwriting talent and a voice of the world’s next biggest superstar, you can become a performing artist. But if nature didn’t gift you with those talents, you may consider a career as a music or record producer, a recording engineer, or even a music teacher. In fact, there are more than 70 careers you can pursue with a music degree.

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With a degree in photography you have a greater chance to get employed as a commercial photographer, a photojournalist, a videographer, a digital photo editor, an educator, or even a forensic photographer. Employers in this field require more than just a “good eye,” so by going to school, you’ll gain a better technical understanding of photography, increasing your chances of landing a job.

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