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What's An Online Business Management Program Like?

What's An Online Business Program Like?

With the rising popularity and accessibility of online courses in the past few years, there is no better time to think about pursuing your business education online. It’s a flexible and cost-efficient format, and you could be career-ready for an entry-level position soon, with accelerated training available.

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How Long Are Online Business Programs?

Choose to attend a business program online, and interestingly enough, YOU get to determine most of this answer.

Why? One benefit of online training is the freedom to learn at your own pace. You can complete classes on your time, instead of having to wait for scheduled sessions. It’s a nice perk if you would like to begin working sooner rather than later.

Online business programs can range from less than 12 months in length to 4 years or more, depending on the format you pursue.

  • Certificates: Complete your education in as few as 7 months. Find an accredited online school.
  • Associate degrees: You can be finished with all courses in approximately 18-24 months.
  • Bachelor degrees: This degree level will take you about 4 years to complete.

Popular Areas Of Specialization

  1. Business training doesn’t come in a one-size-fits-all format—you can focus on territory that really interests you. Here are a handful of popular areas you can specialize in.
  2. Accounting: Work on financial records and taxes. You will analyze invoices and accounts to track the health of a company.
  3. Business Management: Supervise, oversee general direction, and set up service contracts for building maintenance and more. Daily operations are your domain.
  4. Finance: Forecast trends and recommend strategic moves. You will be handling all the monetary resources of an organization.
  5. Human Resource Management: Manage the ‘people’ aspect of a company. Set up insurance plans, goodwill initiatives, and run the hiring process.
  6. Sales and Marketing Management: Steer sales efforts and plan marketing material to drive demand. You will set internal goals and make sure they are being met.
  7. Entrepreneurship: Create and execute business plans, start a company, maybe raise funding, and repeat! Many entrepreneurs form several businesses over their careers.
  8. Business Analytics: Identify and track key performance metrics. Data and information fill your day. You help a company make wise choices and solve questions.

Typical Classes In A Business Program

In 2-year associate and 4-year bachelor degree programs, you will start with general education credits plus some business introduction classes. General education courses center around mathematics, communications, or English—subjects that can prepare you with knowledge and confidence for your upcoming career.

Certificate programs are designed to bring you into the workforce quickly. These focus on business classes only, so you can get into the workforce fast. As you work through your program, your higher-level classes will follow the path you choose.

In any of these formats, your business classes will include subjects like:

  • Intro to Economics
  • Accounting 101
  • Business Strategy
  • Innovative Leadership
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Essentials of Selling

Prerequisites To Online Learning

For most accredited business certificate programs, you will need to have a high school diploma or your GED.

Class Format

Online classes are not much different than any other business school class. You’ll listen to lectures, watch videos, and interact with the teacher through chat or email. Well, that’s the one difference—you’re not in the same room, at the same planned time. Instead, you’re learning where and when you want!

Program Objectives

Business school preps you for dozens of careers. In class, you’ll review case studies of businesses and how they dealt with ethics, smart decisions, and hard calls. You will be taught what to expect and how to handle many real-life situations. Once you complete your courses, you should feel very prepared to start looking at open positions!

Materials Needed

We’ve got another benefit of attending class online for you: potentially saving money.

How so? Here’s why: In many cases with an online business program, you only need access to the internet and possibly some textbooks. That means no dorm room and board, and it also means no commuting costs—unless you want to have class away from your couch.

Online Business Education - Is It For Me?

With all the U.S. schools offering online business programs plus the huge selection of specializations available, online programs make earning your business education an easy dream to follow. Find your accredited online business school.

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