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What's an Online Criminal Justice Program Like?

What Is An Online Criminal Justice Program Like?

An increasing number of career training programs are exploring online education. Some fields that are doing so may be surprising — like criminal justice.

Not long ago, criminal justice classes could only be offered on campus. Now, online training programs are growing by the day, and the next wave of students — including you — can prepare for a criminal justice career from the comfort of your own home.

Online Class Format

In recent years, online education has become increasingly similar to a classroom experience. In fact, many training programs offer you the same coursework and curriculum across both settings. Much like a classroom, online classes feature lectures, videos, reading assignments, practice exercises, and tests.

The main, most apparent difference is, the lack of in-person interaction between professors and classmates. However, advances in virtual learning and technology have bridged this gap. Making communication and collaboration between professors and students much more accessible.

Chat rooms, online forums, virtual meetings, and email communications, are just some of the common features used in online learning.

Online Criminal Justice Programs

Criminal justice encompasses many possible career options, all of which, can make a difference in upholding the betterment of our communities. Whether you want a career in law enforcement, or have a desire to work in the legal field, criminal justice offers a variety of professional opportunities.

With any program you choose, you’ll start with general education courses in criminal justice. Here, you’ll learn about the American legal system as a whole, state and national government operations, and gain an understanding on the basic functions of law.

Next, you’ll have your core classes specific to your unique program. For prospective police or correction officers, you’ll learn more about public rights, duties and responsibilities of law enforcement, and gathering and handling evidence in several situations.

Or, for prospective paralegals, you’ll learn about important legal cases in American history, paralegal practices in a trial setting, and business to advanced business laws.

Regardless of your specialty, the end of your training will feature more hands-on trial runs working in the field. Once you’ve completed your general education credits, core classes, and real-world situational training, you should have a strong foundation to prepare you for the criminal justice workforce!

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Benefits of Online Training

There are a number of positive aspects of online career training, one of which is the ability to go at your own pace. Many online programs don’t have set class times, meaning you can learn your coursework at the pace you prefer.

Next, online training is typically less expensive than training in the classroom. Online training means the costs of books, learning materials, and educational tools are often noticeably cheaper. Not to mention, online programs mean little to no transportation costs.

One big advantage of online training is the option to train from anywhere. You can work from the comfort of home, or travel without missing class and falling behind.

The ability to work at your pace and at your desired location creates much more flexibility for those balancing training with their current job, or to create more continuity for students with families. Online training means you’ll rarely need to decide between going to class or an important life event.

A Great Career From Online Training

If online criminal justice programs sound like they may be right for you, consider taking advantage of online training programs today! The flexibility online courses offer, along with financial and logistical benefits, make online criminal justice classes a great option.

You could even be career-ready in as few as 10 months, with some programs. Find available online criminal justice training now.

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