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Truck Driving, Transportation, And Mechanics Careers

Truck Driving, Transportation, and Mechanic careers

These trucking, transportation, and mechanics careers are the ones that keep our products flowing across highways, oceans, and through the air. These tradespeople, technical workers, and managers keep our transportation industry and equipment in top-notch condition and running on time.

Aircraft Maintenance

As an aircraft maintenance mechanic, you’ll be trained to work on many different types of aircraft, from jets to planes to helicopters and others. You can also choose to specialize in specific parts such as wings, motors, hydraulic systems, or any other part of an aircraft you want. Find aircraft mechanic training near you.

Aircraft maintenance jobs are available across the country. The starting pay is pretty good at $36,760, but with experience, this can skyrocket (no pun). The BLS website says that the top paid aircraft mechanics make close to 100,000 dollars per year.

Automotive Technology

Automotive technicians diagnose and fix cars, light trucks, and other similar types of vehicles. Auto mechanics use computerized diagnostics to identify major or minor issues. They also perform typical routine maintenance like changing the oil and checking fluid levels. Mechanics also interact with customers, explaining the necessary repairs.

Automotive technicians need training before starting their jobs. Going to trade school and earning a diploma then training for ASE certifications will make your resume irresistible to most employers. Search for a local mechanic school now.

Class A CDL Driver

Commercial truck drivers transport goods, products, and other materials from point A to point B. There are different types of truck driving jobs like local delivery driver, over-the-road long haul, hazardous materials driver, and many others. You’ll need to be 18 to drive in your state and 21 to cross state lines.

Prospective truck drivers need to earn their Class A CDL license to get an entry level trucking job. Then they may add more endorsements as they climb their career ladder. Find a local CDL school now.

Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics work on trucks, buses, and any other vehicle that runs on diesel fuel. The average salary of a diesel mechanic is $47,350 per year. Though many current diesel mechanics learned the trade through on-the-job training, today employers expect some post-secondary education. You can find associate degrees in diesel mechanics, and the ASE also has certifications you may earn. Find a diesel mechanic school now.

When entering this profession, expect to earn about $32,000 per year. The highest paid diesel mechanics have years of experience and make close to $75,000 each year. Diesel mechanic jobs are readily available across the country.

Industrial Mechanics

Industrial machine mechanics repair the machines and robots found in factories. The best ones use technical manuals to predict issues before they happen. As an industrial mechanic, you may work with robotic welding arms, hydraulic lifts, and other types of preventative measure machinery.

To get a job in this field many companies will prefer you to have an associate degree in industrial maintenance, at minimum. Find an industrial maintenance program now.

Marine Maintenance

A marine maintenance mechanic’s job is to make sure all types of boats and watercrafts are running smoothly. Marine mechanics do the work and also and discuss the scope of work with the customer. Marine mechanic training can last up to two years depending on whether you decide to earn a certificate or an associate degree.

The average annual salary for this job is $42,330, while the top 10 percent earn over $60,000 per year. Find a marine maintenance training program now.

Motorcycle Maintenance

Motorcycle mechanics are technically classified as a small engine mechanic. They specialize in motorcycles but may also work on mopeds, dirt bikes, and ATVs. Motorcycle mechanics may work at dealerships, service stations, or run their own business. Some small engine mechanics learn on the job but a post-secondary education that includes motorcycle technology will definitely increase your odds of employment. Find a local motorcycle maintenance program now.

Operations Management

As an operations manager, you will oversee company production of goods or deployment of services. You’ll manage the day-to-day operations and ensure everything is running smoothly. This position also entails leading staff, labor union, government, or other meetings. You'll be keeping up to date with any new government regulations and also could make hiring and firing decisions, along with other types of staff support.

To become an operations manager, you must either have a ton of work experience or a bachelor’s degree plus some work experience. The average annual salary of general and operations managers is over $120,000. Find an operations management program now.

Air Transportation

Air transportation covers a variety of careers. Flight crew members including pilots and flight attendants make up most of air transportation jobs. Also included in this industry are positions like air-traffic controllers, mechanics, and even baggage handlers. Some jobs in air transportation are entry level, but others—like pilots and mechanics—do obviously require completion of certification training or degree programs. Find an air transportation program now.

These are only the most notable careers within the truck driving, transportation, and mechanics industries. Searching your favorite jobs site is a good way to see what’s out there, and finding a school is easy. Just use the zip code search application at the top of any page or find a local trade school or college now.

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