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El Paso, TX

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  • Nursing RN-BSN

    The curriculum is designed to build up existing nursing knowledge to empower nurses to strengthen practice and professional involvement. Courses encourage the development of new technology, management and relational skills that will enhance future practice within the profession. Class sizes are small and the learning environment is creative and fun. Expert faculty are enthusiastic, passionate about nursing and eager to facilitate success in their students.

  • Financial Planner
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    A distinguishing feature of the James Madison University CFP® Certification Education Program Online is the ability to go beyond what you need to know for the CFP® Board Exam to what you need to know when you are face-to-face with clients. The Knowledge for the Real World curriculum is included in all program packages and is designed to interface with the Financial Planning Certification curriculum, providing the conversational competence to better address client needs and increase production.

  • Project Management
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    Whether you are an experienced project manager or report to a project lead, JMU’s non-credit Project Management certificate program teaches you the skills and knowledge necessary to run successful projects, giving you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

  • Paralegal Studies
    Legal, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Services

    In this rigorous program, you will learn to investigate complex fact patterns, conduct legal research, and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation. More importantly, you will be taught the training and skills demanded of law office employment as well as many other fields, including real estate, social services, and government.

  • Adult Degree Program
    Education and Human Services

    The Adult Degree Program is designed for you — a working adult who wants to earn a bachelor’s degree.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorders
    Education and Human Services

    JMU’s program was developed specifically for professionals working with and supporting children and adults with Autism. This certificate is based on current research in the field of Autism and combines applied theory, ethics, and the application of research in various educational and support settings.

  • ISTE-T
    Education and Human Services

    Developed and accredited by James Madison University, the ISTE-T Certification is a 12-month professional development and portfolio-based assessment program for K-12 teachers, technology resource teachers, coordinators, technology coaches, and librarians. Since 2003, ISTE-T-certified teachers have obtained a competitive advantage for hiring and promotion by mastering 21st century instruction and learning in the classroom. Developed by teachers for teachers, ISTE-T is rigorous but flexible and affordable. Schools can use it with any existing professional development program. In 2015 ISTE awarded the ISTE-T Mastery Seal of Alignment to James Madison University, which has since been renewed in 2017. ISTE found the JMU system to be a well-designed and robust assessment system that provides strong evidence for teachers’ achievement of the ISTE Standards for Teachers.


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