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Community College of Vermont

Hamilton, OH

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  • Allied Health Preparation
    Medicine and Health Care

    Designed for students beginning at CCV and planning to transfer into other institutions’ allied health programs, this certificate is excellent preparation for degree programs such as Vermont Technical College’s programs in dental hygiene, respiratory therapy and nursing.

  • Medical Billing & Coding
    Healthcare Administration

    This certificate is designed for students looking for employment in the growing field of medical billing and coding, and prepares students to take the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) examination for Certified Professional Coders (CPC). Students may also use the certificate to enhance degrees in related fields such as Medical Assisting or STEM Studies.

  • Accounting
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    CCV’s Accounting program prepares you for entry-level positions in a variety of settings. It allows you to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program or may be the first step in pursuing CPA licensure. In addition to taking courses in accounting, you will gain a broader knowledge of the business environment by studying technology, communication and management. If you are interested in Vermont’s licensing requirements for accounting, visit www.vermont.govfor more information.

  • Administrative Management
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    The Administrative Management program prepares you for entry-level professional positions in a variety of settings. The program provides you with the skills necessary to manage administrative processes. You also enjoy the flexibility to explore opportunities in various career fields.

  • Business
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    CCV’s Business degree prepares you for a variety of career options in business, industry, government, and education. You can follow a traditional curriculum to prepare for employment in a corporate setting or select from courses that will help you develop the entrepreneurial skills necessary to own and operate your own small business. The popularity of small business ownership is well addressed in business courses at CCV, and the program provides ample opportunity for you to explore the possibilities for business ownership.

  • Workplace Skills
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    This certificate provides students with the skills necessary to be successful in today’s workplace: good communication, problem solving, critical thinking, and decision making.

  • Criminal Justice
    Legal, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Services

    The Criminal Justice program will prepare you for careers in law enforcement, investigation, corrections, courts, private security, juvenile justice, or related opportunities in the legal field. You will gain an understanding of our American legal and justice system, including the interrelationship of the police, courts, the correctional system, and the role the Constitution plays in the criminal justice system.

  • Computer Systems Management
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    Rapid evolution of computers is changing the world around us, including the way we do business, educate ourselves, and communicate with each other. The Computer Systems Management program gives you the skills necessary to be a computer administrator in a small business or any environment that uses computers in its daily operations. You will be exposed to a wide variety of computer applications software, develop an understanding of network environments, and build technical skills to maintain hardware and software systems. Upon completion of the program, you will be prepared for the CompTIA A+ and Network+ certification exams.

  • Web Site Design
    Design, Arts, and Architecture

    The website design certificate provides students with the technical and aesthetic skill sets needed to conceptualize, create, produce, and maintain a set of web pages.

  • Childcare
    Education and Human Services

    This certificate program prepares students for work in the childcare industry and early education environment. Courses in this program are also excellent preparation for continued study in education and child development.

  • Early Childhood Education
    Education and Human Services

  • Human Services
    Education and Human Services

    The Human Services program prepares you for entry into the helping professions. You will gain the foundational knowledge and skills needed to work in mental health centers, home health and respite organizations, substance abuse programs, family crisis centers, community development agencies, and other human service programs. Many participants in this program choose to continue their education at the baccalaureate level and beyond.

  • Substance Abuse Services
    Education and Human Services

    This certificate provides students with foundational knowledge about the impacts of substance abuse on individuals, families, and society. Students learn about a range of substance abuse treatments and services and explore careers in substance abuse fields. Students may use the certificate to enhance degrees in related fields such as Human Services, Social Work, or Criminal Justice.

  • Liberal Studies
    Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Literature

    CCV’s associate of arts degree in Liberal Studies will introduce you to a wide range of subjects, providing a foundation for many different careers and for transferring to a four-year college or university. The Liberal Studies program is the most popular program of study among CCV graduates, accounting for nearly half of the degrees awarded each year. It is designed to include breadth and depth of learning, emphasizing exposure to a broad range of subjects and academic disciplines, and providing students with great flexibility in individual course selection.

  • STEM Studies
    Math, Engineering, and Physical Sciences

    Certificate: This certificate serves as a pathway into CCV’s STEM Studies degree and prepares you for transfer to engineering or other technical degrees such as Vermont Technical College’s program in Mechanical Engineering Technology. The program provides a strong foundation in science, mathematics, and other academic skills. Flexibility within the certificate allows you to select courses and build skills necessary for your own career and educational goals.

    Associate Degree: CCV’s associate of science degree in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Studies will prepare you with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in key scientific and technical economic sectors in Vermont. In addition to the general education requirements, the STEM Studies degree includes 23 credits of core program requirements within the fields of science, technology, and math. The program allows the flexibility to pursue your individual goals in fields such as physical science, life science, and pre-engineering. You may fulfill the program requirements through a combination of courses in allied health science, architecture, biology, chemistry, computer information systems, environmental science, mathematics, and physics.

  • Environmental Science
    Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Biology

    The Environmental Science program is designed to prepare students for employment in areas of the environment or for transfer to a four-year institution of higher learning. Students choose a focus area geared toward conservation/preservation of natural resources or energy efficiency. In this multidisciplinary program, you will learn to relate underlying scientific theory to environmental considerations affecting our everyday lives. You will gain an understanding of environmental problems and obtain the knowledge and skills to begin developing solutions.


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