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What's It Like | 5 Insiders On A Career In HVAC

If we had to guess, the last time a group of friends gathered together to catch up about work, phrases like “job security,” “love,” and “pays extremely well” didn’t come out of everyone’s mouth.

That might be different, however, if the group was made up of all HVAC professionals.

We talked to a handful of HVAC pros—from techs and apprentices to one business owner—about what they thought about working in HVAC. The same message came back loud and clear: They love their work.

Tay T, HVAC/r Technician

“I absolutely LOVE what I do. It’s fun, challenging, and it pays extremely well!

Go with HVAC/R and you won’t regret it! You’ll never be out of work!”

Chris T, HVAC/r Technician

“I’d encourage anyone to pursue a career in HVAC. Once you get your license and you’ve put in the time, there’s no stopping you. There’s no cap on this in this field.”

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Brandon B, HVAC Technician (Industrial)

HVAC school was very cheap compared to traditional college. I had my debt paid in-full in just a few years...Because of HVAC, I love the life that I have...I have a good retirement pension, job security...I absolutely love where HVAC has taken me. I wouldn't trade my current lifestyle for anything.”

Scott D, HVAC Apprentice

“The high pay is definitely a reason I pursued this trade. Really, I want to start my own business once I get fully licensed.”

John R, HVAC Business Owner

“There’s a lot of gratification to it….When you fix something for someone, you make them comfortable again, they think you’re the king.”

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5 Pros Share Why They Pursued HVAC

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