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What's a Healthcare Management Program Like?

What's a Healthcare Management Program Like?

Healthcare management programs provide business-related degrees for students who are interested in managing medical facilities and impacting the lives of both healthcare professionals and patients. Healthcare management focuses heavily on the supervision of medical departments, budgeting, record keeping, and staffing of healthcare establishments.

With a degree in healthcare management, you have many possible directions for your future. You may end up managing doctor’s offices, hospitals, clinics, dental offices, or even nursing homes/resident care facilities. Enrolling in an online healthcare management program is a great first step to take in working toward your future.

Opportunities and Requirements

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for healthcare management is expected to increase 32% by 2030. This is significantly faster than the national average for all occupations. It is a promising field to pursue, and preparing for it through an online program allows you to work at the pace your schedule allows.

Most healthcare management roles require at least a bachelor’s degree before entering the field. Many employers, however, do prefer applicants with master’s degrees, especially when it comes to managing a facility. While exact educational requirements will vary depending on the employer and position you apply for, there are many accredited programs offered to get you the credentials you will need.

Online Courses in Healthcare Management

The flexibility of an online program can make all the difference for students with busy schedules. Online programs are also usually more affordable than in-person classes.

When pursuing an online program, you should consider whether you wish to advance toward a master’s degree after receiving your bachelor’s. Both degrees generate rewarding career paths– you just might not be considered eligible to manage a medical facility unless you receive your master’s.

Still, a bachelor’s degree will present you with plenty of great options! You’re not likely to find yourself limited.

Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Management

Receiving your bachelor’s degree in healthcare management usually takes 4 years at a university. Registering in online courses may quicken your process slightly depending on the institution you enroll at. Some schools may also require you to work hands-on in a clinical setting, giving you the experience you need and a stronger sense of the profession.

After completing your program, you should find yourself eligible for many rewarding opportunities. Professionals with bachelor's degrees may be qualified to become a department manager, a medical records administrator, a patient finance manager, a quality and improvement manager, or a healthcare consultant.

These are just some of the opportunities available to you if you choose to get your bachelor’s. Online programs make the process convenient for those who are already balancing a busy schedule.

Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management

Choosing to advance further and get your master’s degree in healthcare management will broaden the opportunities available to you. You’ll be qualified for jobs requiring bachelor's degrees, but you also may open yourself up to a potential management position at a healthcare facility.

Qualifying for an online master’s program typically requires the following:

  • Your bachelor's degree: specific field requirements depend on the school/program you are applying to.
  • A competitive GPA: the exact GPA required depends on the institution you’re applying to.
  • Submission GRE/GMAT test scores: accepted test scores will also depend on the institution you apply to.

Depending on your school’s program requirements, you might also be expected to have hands-on experience working in a medical facility.

How long it takes to get your master’s in healthcare management is also contingent on your school and whether you enroll as a full-time or part-time student. If you can commit to classes full-time, you might complete your program in a little over a year. If you need the flexibility of part-time, the program may take closer to a few years to complete.

Working at the pace your schedule allows and from the comfort of your own home is the beauty of enrolling in an online program. Whether you’re looking to get your bachelor’s or master’s in healthcare management, the flexibility and ease of online courses is greatly beneficial to students.

Finding the Perfect Fit

With the continued growth of healthcare management, the need for qualified professionals is only expected to increase ( If you are interested in pursuing healthcare management programs, now is a great time to do so. The flexibility of enrolling online and the versatility of the degree opens the door to students for a fulfilling future career.

We partner with accredited schools across the nation to help you explore opportunities near you! If you’re ready to take the next step, find a healthcare management program today.