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Careers You Can Start With a 2 Year Degree

There are many careers you can start with just a 2-year degree. Many of these careers offer great pay and are in high demand, meaning there are many opportunities to join the field.

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By spending slightly longer in school than a certificate program, you can earn more and find jobs that allow you to grow professionally. Not only can 2-year programs act as perfect stepping stones toward a more advanced degree, but they can also provide you with the foundation for a successful and profitable lifelong career.


Paralegals are legal professionals who help lawyers with their caseload. Paralegals draft legal documents, interview clients, and even help lawyers with trials.

There are many branches of law, and, therefore, many branches which paralegals can specialize in such as criminal law, real estate law, or business law. Paralegals work alongside lawyers in law offices, government offices, or other businesses.

There are several routes to becoming a paralegal. Although there are no official requirements for becoming a paralegal, most law offices require applicants to have a 2 year degree. You can attain an associate’s of paralegal studies or similar degree with a paralegal studies certificate.

Find paralegal programs near you here.

Occupational Therapy Assistant

Occupational therapy assistants (OTA) help people with disabilities, disorders, and other physical issues learn how to become more independent physically.

Occupational therapy assistants work with people from all walks of life. During therapy sessions, OTAs develop therapeutic strategies to help their patients with mobility, socialization, and coordination. They work under the guidance of an occupational therapist.

In order to become an occupational therapist assistant, you must attend an accredited occupational therapy assistant program approved by the American Occupational Therapy Association.

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Dental Hygienist

Dental hygienists help people maintain healthy smiles for a lifetime under the supervision of a dentist.

Dental hygienists remove plaque from patients’ teeth, perform x-rays on patients’ mouths and jaws, and inspect for signs of gum disease and other issues. They also give patients advice on how to maintain their oral health. Hygienists normally work in dentist’s offices but a few may work in hospitals or other medical facilities.

In order to become a dental hygienist, you must get an associates degree or 2-year degree in dental hygiene. Find a dental hygienist program near you here.

Aviation Mechanic

Aviation mechanics maintain airplanes and other aircrafts so they can fly safely. They repair engines, electrical systems, wings, brakes, and other parts of aircrafts. Aviation mechanics work at airports, airfields, and at repair stations.

Unlike auto mechanics who can be career-ready in as few as 10 months, it takes much longer to become an aviation mechanic. You can either complete a certificate program, or earn your associate degree to enter the field. Most aviation mechanics complete A&P ratings, which certify that mechanics are able to perform bodywork and engine work, respectively.

Find aviation mechanic training in your area.

Vet Tech

Veterinary technicians help veterinarians take care of animals in veterinarian’s offices, animal hospitals, and other places where animals live. They perform tests to help diagnose sick animals, as well as take care of and treat animals when they are sick.

Veterinary technicians take care of animals by giving them medications, trimming nails, and monitoring them during overnight stays in clinics. Some vet techs even care for lab rats and mice that are used in clinical testing for medications and other products.

In order to become a vet tech, you need to attain an associates degree like applied veterinary sciences or veterinary medicine.

Find a veterinary technician program now.

In sum, by earning a 2-year degree you can start a great career in a short amount of time. 2-year degrees offer many different options, including great flexibility and class times. Looking for shorter training? Find out what options you have to train for a career in as few as 6 months.

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