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6 in Demand IT Jobs (Information Technology)

in Demand IT Jobs

Information Technology (IT) is a diverse and growing field that includes everything from the internet to automation. In recent years, demand for IT jobs has exploded as society’s use of technology has increased. Specializing in this field is sure to lead to exciting and highly rewarding opportunities.

In Demand Information Technology Jobs

In no particular order, here are six IT jobs that are in high demand:

1. Software Developer

Software is everywhere, from apps on smartphones to operating systems. Almost anywhere there is a computer involved, there is likely complicated software behind it.

Software Developers analyze users' needs and then design platforms based on that research. Because software is key to almost every digital business, software developers are in demand in many different fields.

2. Network Security Engineer

Network Security Engineers create network and computer systems that are resistant to harmful malware. They solve existing security issues and continually test to see if the systems they have made are effective.

Additionally, they may also maintain virtual private networks (VPNs), firewalls, email security, and various other programs.

3. Systems Administrator

Systems Administrators focus on computer hardware and software and how they function for a business. They are responsible for upkeep, performance, and obtaining resources to keep their systems running smoothly.

They maintain operating systems, software that is pertinent to the business, security tools, email, PCs, servers, and more. Systems administrators work in both small and large companies.

4. Web Developer

Web Developers design websites inside and outside to fit a particular client’s needs. They can work on both the front and back end of websites. This involves making websites visually appealing and more technical aspects of website creation.

Web developers use code like HTML and XML to create the framework for the websites, and then work with designers to create a perfect product.

5. Computer and Information Research Scientists

Technology is constantly evolving to meet new needs every day. Computer and Information Scientists are at the helm of research and development of these new technologies. These researchers invent new ways to solve complex problems through the scientific method.

Many researchers study how to improve robots, while others invent new programming languages. They work often for colleges and universities.

6. Computer Support Technicians

Computers aren’t always straightforward for normal users, and many need help troubleshooting complicated issues. Computer Support Technicians are typically workers who diagnose issues for users and help them fix issues with their computer or system.

Some Computer Support Technicians work with businesses to help them maintain their computer networks. Others work with non-IT customers to help them troubleshoot issues with their computers and ultimately fix them. This work can be done remotely or on site.

Partner Schools with Information Technology Programs

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This is just the tip of the iceberg for in-demand IT careers. Information Technology is a field that will only continue to to grow, and with that comes more exciting career opportunities. To learn more about training in the IT space, visit our information technology programs page to find a school and take the first step toward an exciting new career!

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