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Western Theological Seminary

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AT Western Theological Seminary, we prepare students to serve in lifelong ministry. We offer non-degree students to opportunity to enroll in classes, either for credit or to audit. The Degrees we offer are: Master of Divinity, Dual track Master of Divinity - Master of Social Work, Master of Arts, Master of Theology, Graduate Certificate in Pastoral Ministry, Graduate Certificate in Disability and Ministry, Graduate Program for Christian Educators, and Doctor of Ministry.

Financial aid available to those who qualify

Available Programs

  • Theology / Theological Studies
    Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Literature

  • Divinity / Ministry
    Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Literature

  • Theology and Religious Vocations, Other
    Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Literature


Accredited by:

Commission on Accrediting of the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada


Campus Location

Campus Location