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Looking for a job that can be exciting and offers a variety of career opportunities? Understanding technology and how to extract and interpret data are essential duties of businesses across all industries. Through SCI, we are equipping you with Day-One Ready Skills that employers are looking for.

Courses offered through the partnership of programs powered by Woz U and SCI can get you started in the booming technology industry. The tech industry is an ever-changing, in-demand and exciting field.

Industry-Relevant Curriculum

  • A professional-grade relevant modularized curriculum that is customized to your region’s tech requirements.

Vigorous Career Services

  • A career coach will mentor you through an effective job search once you graduate.

Career Building Profile and Portfolio

  • Build your professional credibility with a real-world technical profile. You’ll complete Portfolio Projects over the duration of your program

Robust Virtual Workspace
  • Beta: Woz will be launching a workspace that will empower all techies with assessments and relevancy score against open jobs

One-on-One Mentorship

  • Your personal mentor is your partner-in-code. They are graduates, instructors and industry experts dedicated to your future success and work 7 days a week.

Learning Experience Platform (LXP):

  • Designed with in-browser coding exercises and responsive to Mobile and Tablet users for quick resource access.

Available Programs

  • Data Science
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    The data science program offered through the partnership of Woz U and SCI can get you started in this ever-changing and exciting field. The program not only covers technology, but also teaches you about critical thinking when it comes to interpreting data. You’ll learn how to extract, organize, and interpret relevant information to help with key business decisions.

    • Basic Statistics: Dive into statistical concepts used throughout the program including common terms, distributions, probability, and data types.
    • Programming Foundations: Learn common programming concepts in Python such as debugging, decision making, code organization, and more.
    • Statistical Programming in R: Use R to manipulate data, understand vectors, and use visualization tools.
    • Databases: Learn how to design, store, and manipulate databases. Students will work with both rational (SQL) and nonrational databases.
    • Data Visualization: Learn how to extract important data & understand the power in showing meaningful data graphically.
    • Metrics & Data Processing: Learn how to create new metrics for businesses and the basics of Agile Project Management.
    • Intermediate Statistics: Utilize advanced hypothesis testing under multiple real- world scenarios. Get experience spotting and verifying test requirements.
    • Machine Learning & Modeling: Use common software tools and machine learning techniques to predict future events and reduce risks.
    • Intro To Big Data: Learn Big Data concepts and get hands-on experience with tools to move from Big Data basics to specific business needs.

    Powered by Woz U

  • Software Developer
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    The software developer courses offered through the partnership of programs powered by Woz U and SCI can get you started in the booming technology industry. The tech industry is an ever-changing, in-demand and exciting field. By enrolling in the powered by Woz U Program at SCI, you can start paving your way to having a career in software development armed with day-one ready skills that employers are looking for.

    In the program, you will learn to:

    • Code from scratch
    • Develop front-end foundations and incorporate back-end services.
    • Set up databases and cloud deployments
    • Create fully functioning web applications including APIs
    • Work in all aspects of web application architecture using the latest in technologies and tools
    • Develop front-end foundations, learn to code, set up databases, and generate completely functioning web applications
    • Complete the 33-week program to prepare to jumpstart a career in software development
    • Work toward your goal at your pace in our online program, allowing you to balance work, school, and family
    • Become a Software Engineer, Computer Programmer, Web Application Developer, Web Developer and more in the best ranked industry in the nation by U.S. News & World Report

    Powered by Woz U