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Hialeah, FL

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  • Construction Management
    Building Systems, Construction, and Manufacturing

    Rowan University’s B.A. in Construction Management degree completion program provides those with an associate’s degree or at least 60 credits with the remaining credits necessary to complete a bachelor’s degree in this growing field while taking classes online. Applicants with less than 60 credits may work with an enrollment counselor to explore available options. This program is ideal for journey persons and seasoned professionals in the construction industry as well as apprentices who are looking to develop leadership skills and advance their careers. The B.A. in Construction Management degree prepares individuals to supervise, manage, and inspect construction sites, buildings, and associated facilities. Rowan University’s program has received the endorsement of the North America's Building Trades Unions.

  • Law & Justice
    Legal, Law Enforcement, and Emergency Services

    The Bachelor of Arts in Law & Justice degree offers students solid academic preparation in criminal law and the criminal justice system with an interdisciplinary approach to coursework that enhances critical thinking, reasoning, writing, and logic skills. It prepares students for professional careers in four major areas: law enforcement and security services, court services, corrections, and human services. Since many of the students who enter the program express an interest in preparation for graduate study and professional schools, the program also offers majors the rigorous preparation necessary to achieve such goals

  • Bilingual Bicultural Education Endorsement
    Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Literature

    The Bilingual/Bicultural Education (BEE) Endorsement program responds to the need for highly qualified teachers prepared to teach content in both the student's native language and in English to the growing numbers of English language learners in the schools. Specific objectives emphasize the application of theory to practice, development of long-range and short-range plans that integrate language and content, design of appropriate authentic assessment instruments, and use of technology to research content and instructional techniques. Matriculated students who successfully complete this program will have completed all state-required coursework for endorsement as a Bilingual/Bicultural teacher in New Jersey.

  • Liberal Studies
    Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Literature

    The Online B.A. in Liberal Studies: Humanities/Social Science degree completion program is designed for those who possess at least 24 college credits and want to complete a bachelor’s degree in a convenient setting. This quality liberal studies program offers students solid academic preparation and is ideal for working adults who need a bachelor’s degree in order to pursue a career or advance in their current position.

  • Psychology
    Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Literature

    The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree is designed for students who want to understand the scientific and research basis for the many diverse fields within psychology. Defined as the “scientific study of the mind and behavior” Rowan’s respected and popular Psychology program follows the American Psychological Association (APA) guidelines for the undergraduate Psychology Major, which strives to make students “psychologically-literate citizens.” Upon successful completion of the program, students will be prepared to enter a broad spectrum of fields including human services (caseworker, social worker), sales and marketing (customer service, human resources) and community activism (non-profits). Students may also choose to pursue a graduate program in a variety of disciplines and sub-disciplines in Psychology and related fields.

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