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Oklahoma State University

Waipahu, HI

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  • Nursing

    The Oklahoma State University RN-BSN program is designed to enrich and expand your professional nursing career. For some, the baccalaureate degree may mean job security in your current position. Very often, the added degree supports opportunity for roles in leadership at any level in hospital and long-term care practice. As well, the baccalaureate degree is most often required for many employment opportunities such as in public health, armed services and/or Veteran’s hospitals, home health, research centers, correctional facilities, K-12 educational institutions, law firms, and much more.

  • Management
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    The major in management offers dynamic, exciting possibilities for study and employment. It prepares students for leadership careers with business or nonprofit organizations. It involves the study of knowledge bases and applications relevant to management careers. The discipline of management utilizes analytical processes to apply relevant theory and applications to creative problem solving. Some examples of topics include leadership dynamics, strategic management, planning courses of action, organizational behavior and performance, resource allocation and administration, and building management systems. Majors are typically employed by organizations of all types and sizes as managers or staff specialists. The major has flexibility so that the student may elect work in allied fields, including entrepreneurship and new venture development. The management major has much to offer for those interested in leadership roles in business and public sector organizations.

  • General Business
    Liberal Arts, Humanities, and Literature

    Innumerable opportunities await you if you choose to major in general business in the Spears School of Business at OSU. This flexible major will provide you with a broad education in all business areas, while giving you the opportunity to receive multiple minors. If you have a specific, nontraditional business career in mind or plan to open a small business, a general business degree will enhance your chances for success as an entrepreneur because you can design a plan of study to meet your goals. If you plan to enter a profession such as law or medicine, this major will give you the study habits and business skills necessary for your post-graduate education and career.

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