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Laurus College

5 Programs

Founded in 2006, Laurus is a private post-secondary institution providing education and undergraduate degrees in Business Systems, Digital Arts and Computer Animation, IT & Network Systems, Medical Billing & Coding, and Web Design and Development.

Financial aid available to those who qualify.

Available Programs

  • Medical Billing & Coding
    Healthcare Administration

    This career-focused program gives students the skills to market themselves to future employers in the fast-paced fields of medical insurance billing, medical coding, and medical front office.

    Study medical insurance, records, terminology and medical front office administration to gain the skills needed for a career in the healthcare industry.

  • Professional Business Systems (Associate)
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    This career-focused program helps students prepare for entry into the business world by guiding them through the core principles of accounting, marketing, business start-up and management.

  • Digital Arts and Computer Animation
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    In this career-focused program, students work with industry standard software to gain valuable skills in the fields of animation and video game design & development.

    Learn how to model, texture and animate 3D characters using Maya software, and prepare for a career in the digital arts, film and video game design & development industries.

  • Information Technologies and Network Systems (Associate)
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    This career-focused program helps students gain an understanding of how computer networks and information systems work, while preparing them for potential employment in the information technology (IT) and network service fields.

  • Web Design
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    This career-focused program gives students the opportunity to attain the technical skills needed to work in the web design and web development industries.

    Train for a career in the dynamic field of web design by exploring web page planning & production strategies, formatting, scripting languages and mobile app development.


Accredited by:

Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools.