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Bangor, ME

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  • Organizational Leadership
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    From its inception, PSL has been at the forefront in preparing current and future executives to deal successfully with the routine and complex issues associated with public safety and sustaining community well being.

    The Division has won national awards and recognition for its academic programs, which include the Master of Science and Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Master of Science in Intelligence Analysis. In addition, PSL offers executive development, technical assistance and training, and forums to address the needs of public safety and intelligence analysis professionals.

  • Computer Science
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    Computer science is a fast-growing, rapidly evolving field. It spans the theoretical to the practical and is an integral part of many of the most innovative emerging interdisciplinary fields such as robotics and computer integrated systems, speech and natural language processing, algorithm design, computational biology, and information security.

  • Civil Engineering
    Math, Engineering, and Physical Sciences

    Civil engineers play a critical role in human safety and security, from the design and construction of buildings, bridges, and roads to safeguarding water and other natural resources through sustainable design. Civil engineering students and faculty at Johns Hopkins are using their expertise to tackle – and solve – the world’s most pressing environmental, social, and economic challenges.

  • Electrical & Computer Engineering
    Math, Engineering, and Physical Sciences

    Electrical and computer engineers are the creators of many things taken for granted in our daily lives, from desktop computers to GPS systems and cell phones. At Johns Hopkins, students learn the fundamentals of electrical, computer and digital systems, data structures, and circuits, with an emphasis on hands-on experience to complement the theoretical.

  • Mechanical Engineering
    Math, Engineering, and Physical Sciences

    Our students and faculty operate on the cutting edge between science and engineering, exploring innovative applications such as robotics and human-machine interactions, micro- and nano-scale engineered devices and materials, energy and the environment, aerospace and machine systems, and biology and medicine.

  • Environmental Engineering
    Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Biology

    Environmental engineering is a highly interdisciplinary, diverse, and growing field. Its aim is to identify, understand, describe, and solve environmental problems in order to improve the human condition—while protecting fragile ecosystems—through the development and promotion of sound, sustainable environmental practices. Understanding physical and political geography is crucial to understand and solving complex challenges facing our planet such as climate change, desertification, and resource distribution, among others.


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