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Interactive College of Technology

Chamblee, GA

6 Programs

Available Programs

  • HVAC/R - Diploma
    Building Systems, Construction, and Manufacturing

    The HVAC/R Training Program at ICT is designed to give students the skills to work as an HVAC Technician upon completion. Graduation will help you qualify for a wide range of technician, support, repair, and maintenance positions in the HVAC/R and refrigeration field.

  • Accounting
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    Associate / Diploma offered

    The Accounting and Professional Business Applications programs are designed to develop essential accounting, office automation and application skills. The focus is on learning the basic Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP). Fundamental procedures, understanding and applying spreadsheets, credits and debits, setting up accounts, general ledgers, accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, and quarterly and annual reports are at the core of this program.

  • Business Information Systems
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    Associate / Diploma offered

    The BIS diploma program is constructed to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and training for the most popular computer applications and software. Students acquire skills that are critical to the successful day-to-day creation, usage, sharing, and management of data for many types of enterprises.

    By focusing on professionalism and software proficiency, the BIS program enables a student to pursue a variety of career pathways including project management, desktop publishing, business graphics, web design, database management, sales/customer service support, business schematics and more.

  • Business Management - Associate
    Business, Marketing, and Communication

    The Only 2 Year Degree Program In Atlanta!

    The Business Management program is designed for individuals interested in starting or managing a small business or an independent department of a larger organization. The program guides the student through the process of learning the business fundamentals of a small business including developing marketing strategies and managing the business for success. The students will learn about legal issues, ethical standards, vital selling skills, and customer service. Furthermore, they will learn how to operate a small business, market their product/service, and manage people. The course includes an externship component where students gain real-life experience. The general education component is designed to enhance the student’s general knowledge and awareness of significant issues in the workplace and in the student’s professional development.

    The mission of the Business Management program is to provide students the knowledge, experience and resources necessary to successfully create and develop or manage a new venture, or lead the creation and development or management of a new department within a larger organization.

    Upon completion of this 2-year, 72-credit hour degreed program, the student will have a practical understanding of the requirements needed to start a new business venture or an independent department within a larger organization. Through the program’s externship the student will have an opportunity to see real-life application of the lessons learned in the classroom.

  • Information Technology
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    Associate / Diploma offered

    This program prepares the student to enter a career as a computer service technician in the area of service and maintenance of both industry and consumer computer products. The student will develop a basic understanding of the personal computer. Hands-on skills are highly emphasized in diagnosis and repair of related equipment. The student develops the knowledge and troubleshooting skills needed to operate and service computer and network equipment. The IT diploma program is focused on industry standards and includes preparation for the CompTIA A+ and CompTIA Net+ Certification exams with an understanding necessary to perform simple network administration tasks. The student learns the employment-seeking skills necessary to successfully enter the employment market.

  • Medical Office Administration
    Medical Administration

    Associate / Diploma offered

    The MOA diploma program is constructed to provide the graduates with the general knowledge and specific skills needed to obtain entry-level employment in one of the fastest growing occupations in the healthcare environment. Aside from patient care and patient services, the processing of medical documents is a critical task that requires a well trained professional. Medical coding and billing are just the beginning. Abundant career possibilities are available for the graduate with excellent keyboarding and word processing skills as well as experience in medical transcription, terminology, and medical office procedures. In addition, with new healthcare and insurance requirements, medical office personnel need to be versed in government and insurance regulations as well as compliance issues such as HIPAA.


Interactive College of Technology (ICT) is accredited by the Council on Occupational Education (COE), which is the successor to COEI of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS)

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