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Carnegie Mellon University School of Computer Science Executive Education

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At Carnegie Mellon’s Executive Education Program in the School of Computer Science, we provide organizations and people access to the skills and tools necessary to solve real world technical problems by equipping the next generation of technology leaders with the experience, insights and novel solutions developed by our community of computer science experts. From custom training programs to online individualized learning, our cutting-edge programming — backed by faculty who pioneered the field — takes your skillset to the next level, giving you the tools to tackle your company’s next great technological challenge.

Available Program

  • Programming with Python
    Computer, Information, and Technology

    Python’s scope is nearly limitless. Data scientists, engineers, and developers are flocking to Python because it is versatile for applications ranging from web development to data science and from artificial intelligence to cybersecurity. In this program, you will learn the essentials of Python coding:

    ◦ Identify, interpret, and apply core programming building blocks in Python code

    ◦ Use algorithmic thinking to break up problems into smaller pieces and solve each piece individually

    ◦ Recognize and apply best industry practices for programming

    ◦ Interpret, use, and build on existing code and Python libraries

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